Hospital Discharge

Please find below the documents required to undertake the hospital discharge activity, as well as some helpful questions and answers.

Staff and Volunteer Contact List

Safeguarding Concerns

Claiming Expenses

Support Services

Helpful Answers

Please contact Phil Hale, on 07581 751112

Please dial 141 before you dial the patient’s number in order to hide your own phone number from the patient

If you need to leave a message please use the Healthwatch Phone Number 0333 101 4007


• This is a message for [patient name] from [first name] at Healthwatch Wellbeing Team.
• I will try calling you again over the next few days.
• If we miss you and you would still like to take part, please ring us on 0333 101 4007, and leave a message for the Healthwatch Wellbeing Team. Please give your name, phone number, and best days/times in the week between 9-5 to ring you back.
• Ordinary rate landline charges apply to our phone number
• Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you.

Please remember you are not to give medical support

Some of the questions that might come up include:

‘I’m confused about my wound bandage – (following surgery) have I got to change it, what will happen?’
Check what information they were given on discharge. If they do not have or have lost the information provided by the Trust, signpost the patient to their GP.

• ‘Whilst in hospital, my medication changed and now it’s triggered another clinical condition flare up – could the Trust call me back?’
Medication queries can be signposted to their community pharmacist, to their GP or to NHS 111 for advice on the clinical condition.

• How best to signpost patients who say they have forgotten or were not given discharge advice? (verbal or written)
Response: signpost to their GP

• What procedure to follow if patients request a call back from the hospital? (ESHT)
All requests for medical advice should be signposted to their GP or NHS 111. The Trust ward staff cannot respond to historical queries from patients recently discharged.

• Are GPs aware that hospitals tell patients to contact the GP with post discharge concerns?
Yes, GP’s are aware of hospital discharge processes.

• Is the discharge communication from hospital to GP sent soon enough for GPs to be aware of a patient’s recent admission? Eg; if a patient contacts the GP within 3-5 days of discharge with a question or concern arising from their symptoms, wound, changes to or side effects of medication

• If patients mention delay or problem in communication between the hospital and GP, this could be recorded in Q3.
It is unlikely that the patient will be experiencing an urgent situation regarding their health condition at the time of your phone call to them. However, if they are, instruct the patient to call their GP, NHS 111 or, if clearly an emergency (eg difficulty breathing) 999 and end the call. Record your action in ‘other comments’ section, and inform Phil or HWES duty manager.