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Staying Connected Webinar Report


During the COVID-19 pandemic there have been considerable challenges across Sussex care homes, including how to keep families in touch with their relatives.

On the 10th November Healthwatch in Sussex1 hosted an online webinar for families and friends of care home residents. It explored the impact and potential solutions to the separation of care home residents and their loved ones in a pandemic.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Care Home Healthwatch in Sussex

NHS Dental Services in Sussex


Update on dentist services in East Sussex and what’s being done to improve NHS dental services.

NHS dental services should have resumed from early June 2020.  As with so many other services, the need to keep people safe from the virus continues to mean there is less time available for dentists to talk to and treat patients under the NHS.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex

Healthwatch in Sussex – Accessing Health and Care Services – Interview Report


The conversations outlined in this report were with a sample who completed the ‘Accessing health and care services: findings during the Coronavirus pandemic’ survey.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex

Healthwatch in Sussex: Restoration and Recovery Programme


Interim headline findings from the Healthwatch in Sussex and Sussex NHS Commissioners’ Digital Engagement Survey 2020: Preferences towards the future of health and social care services in Sussex

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex

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