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Bedside manner outrageous

December 2, 2019
I was asked to contact the surgery on behalf of my disabled son, he has a physical condition called multiple epiphyseal displacia, he is on the autistic spectrum, global development delay, adhd and mental age of 5-7 years. I phoned up for a sicknote to go with his universal credit and was told by the doctor that he needed to get off his backside and go to work. She seeked to have no knowledge of my sons problems and was very rude.
Angela Harding

The doctors and team are great.

June 25, 2018
While the team is great, the appointment system is frustrating. It is difficult to get an appointment. I also find that the continuity of care is lacking in that it is hard to see the same doctor.

Pleased with my experience here

June 23, 2018
I've never had any problem getting an appointment when needed, despite the pressure they are under with local surgeries closing
Gillian Buxton

Never get an appointment

July 27, 2017
Can never get an appointment when I need one

Dr Starling and Partners (Meridian Surgery)

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