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April 23, 2021
you can never get through on the phones and if you do all appointments have gone and just told phone back next day or just phone 111. doctors seem to busy to really listen to what's wrong with you and palm you off.

Hard to get telephone appointments,

April 21, 2021
It is very hard to get a telephone appointment, have to wait in all day for the doctor to call me, and when he calls me he is tired and crampy, the last doctor that called he could not wait to put down the phone, he put the phone down mid sentence and barley understood what I wanted, and now that my surgery is joining another this will cause even more confusion, I use a online prescription doctor to get prescriptions faster I suffer from cystitis a lot and it is less hassle than trying to get through to my doctor, they prescribe simple things. There have been times when I have gone to the A&E, I had gout and I wanted some pain relief, I can not see things improving only I hope things do pick up.

Mostly very positive

April 21, 2021
Each time I have contact the surgery by phone, I have phoned after 3.00pm and always received a polite and cheerful response-never had any issues. Clinical care is excellent.

Copper Coil Fitted

April 19, 2021
The nurse who fitted my coil was absolutely lovely, however, on reflection I do feel that there should have been a lot more information provided by the surgery pre procedure. I booked my appointment and that was that. I normally have quite a high pain threshold, but I found this extremely painful during and after. Once I got home I had severe cramping (which I expected), sweating, dizziness and vomitting. This eventually subsided and I asked my friend who is a charge nurse what her own experience was like. She was offered gas and air- I didn't even realise this was an option. Why would you put someone through that pain when there's an alternative?

Also, I later read that pain relief should be taken beforehand and that you should not drive to your appointment... Which I did. And that you should wait 10-15 minutes before leaving the surgery.

I expected the procedure to be uncomfortable and a bit painful, but not to this extent. And if I had been advised of the above beforehand, maybe it wouldn't have been quite as painful. Furthermore, had I been advised previously, I would not have driven.

Impossible to get through on the phone

February 17, 2021
Trying to get through on the phone. Gave up after several attempts at holding on for 15-30 minutes and being told by the automated message that I was 1st in the queue! Also no other way to contact the surgery, no contact details for the practice manager who should be first point of contact for issues

Anchor Healthcare was brilliant.

February 12, 2021
When it merged with Rowe Ave Surgery the Doctors were all brilliant, but getting through by phone was nigh impossible. It took me 3 days of constant phoning and being put on hold only to be told 'there were no slots' available every time I managed to get through (6 times am & pm). The final time I told the receptionist I was desperate and could I just speak to anyone for advice as I was very concerned regarding my symptoms. She replied 'if I was that concerned to phone 111' and then hung up. I did an online survey on 111 and a nurse phoned me back within 10 minutes and after a few more detailed questions said she would try to contact Havens Health. I was surprised to receive a phone call from one of the Doctors at Havens Health 5 minutes later who prescribed antibiotics to be delivered urgently - which they were. One surgery for the whole of Peacehaven and Telscombe Cliffs is a recipe for chaos and disaster. Lewes District Council should hang their heads in shame (building more housing estates). Also the 111 service will be inundated with phone calls from patients who are unable to access their surgery.

Impossible to get through via phone

February 9, 2021
I tried all day to contact Meridian surgery. When I eventually got through after hours of phoning I was told I could only phone to book an appointment at certain times of the day, and seeing as I missed both times (because I couldn’t get through) there were no appointments left for the doctors or the nurses’. I couldn’t speak to a doctor, and the doctors e- consultation service had stopped. If I felt my condition was serious they go to A&E ! Being type 1 diabetic a COVID hotspot is the last place I want to go with a painful hip, which my GP could’ve helped me with if I could’ve got an appointment!
Nicola Grigg

Absolute sham!!I feel for elderly vulnerable

January 26, 2021
After covid I slowly recovered I bother no doctor until after i had hearing problems so I tried n tried all day calling by phone no answer! Then I had enough went upto the surgery greeted by very unsympathetic deputy manager who could not careless telling me I can't make appointment I have to telephone! So rude uncaring towards me I was feeling exhausted I just wanted talk to doctor ! No u can't she said so I was forced to call and stand in cold wind they could see me waiting some miracle or by fact I was seen outside they answer phone ! Very shame full service no empathy nothing just treated like numbers !! So after all that I finally got doctor call me few hours later nice enough but clearly not know her patient once again little sympathy but at least dealt with problem and arrange meds. We understand its not easy time its time your patient need u most don't treat them like dead horses !! Show some understanding instead of arguing they maybe unwell and want help !
Mr john wayne saggers

Doctors good, getting through not easy

December 23, 2020
Once I managed to get through and get an over the phone appointment, I had to say it was a heart issue to be seen (which it was!). The doctor called me back and I had to send photos of the affected areas but was told no doctors available to see me. They made me an appointment with the paramedic who was superb, but I was then referred to the doctor the next day. The care shown by the doctor was good, as he has now referred me to Cardiac team in Brighton, but making the contact with them is not easy. Also I actually ended up seeing 2 people and talking to a doctor on the phone so in effect had contact with 3 people whereas if I could have just seen the doctor first time that would have limited contact and I think make better use of their time. Probably still not enough doctors for the large area they have to cover.

Unable to Contact the Surgery

December 23, 2020
Just echoing most other posts, it is nearly impossible to get through to the Surgery. I hear that they are or have expanded the number of lines and receptionists but if they have done this then it has made no difference at all.
I have been with this Surgery for a very long time and I feel that the care for the patient is now missing
David Kent

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