We regularly review the experiences you told us through public events, surveys, Feedback Centre and Information & Signposting enquiries.

Healthwatch uses your feedback with health and care decision-makers to seek a positive difference, and this document sets out the changes you have helped us to deliver during August 2023.

By Healthwatch East Sussex
You Said - We Did

Our activity in August


You Said:

We were contacted by someone needing help travelling to a hospital appointment. They didn’t drive and due to their medical condition couldn’t access public transport.

We Did:

We shared information and contact details for the Non-emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS), outlining the eligibility criteria and explaining how to book transport.


You Said:

An individual with multiple disabilities had been unable to access appropriate support services. They felt this was due to their poor mental health and communication difficulties

We Did:

We informed them of their right to a needs assessment through Adult Social Care and made a referral on their behalf for a community advocate to support them in expressing their needs.


You Said:

We heard from someone struggling to get their parent’s care home to share an incident report relating to an injury their parent sustained.

We Did:

We shared details on the ‘duty of candour’ obligation for residential homes to share details with residents and families when an injury has occurred. We also highlighted the right to complain if a request is ignored.


You Said:

A concerned enquirer told us their relative was being discharged from hospital before arrangements for suitable care at home were finalised, and they were concerned for their safety.

We Did:

We advised contact with the Patient Advice and Liaison Service to ensure the patient and their family were included in the discharge assessment process and this was completed before the patient leaves hospital.


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