Annual Event 2020

Some of the attendees at our 2020 annual event

Many thanks to all of you for our attending our event on the 22nd October. The event attracted approximately 75 people. We hope you found the event useful and enjoyed it as much as we did

You can download the presentations from our speakers and the notes from the workshops that took place at this year’s annual event below.

Steve Phoenix, Chair East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

The role of the NHS & hospitals in addressing how we Restore and Recover from the COVID-19 crisis

Samantha Williams, Assistant Director Adult Social Care and Health

Alan Bruzon, Eastbourne Citizens Advice Bureau

Help at a time of crisis

Luke Billingham, Head of Strategy, Reach Children's Hub

Improving children and young people’s lives in
the places they have to go to,
the places they choose to go to,
and the places they live in

Digital Access

Children and Young People

Social Care

Prevention and Social Determinants