Aged 16 or 17? Tell us your experiences of COVID-19 Vaccinations

November 23, 2021

Young People in East Sussex aged 16-17 have been invited for their COVID-19 vaccination, and Healthwatch has launched a survey to capture their views and experiences of the process.

For 16-17 year-olds who have already received their first or second vaccination, we would like to hear more about your experiences with the vaccination service, through our short survey:

This survey will enable you to tell us:

  • Your motivation for getting vaccinated
  • The information you received and found about getting the vaccines
  • Your appointment, including how easy it was to access, how friendly staff were and how you felt while getting vaccinated
  • Any concerns or worries you had
  • The wider impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on your education, mental health and physical health

If you complete the survey, please share the link with other young people.

The findings will help us understand young people’s experiences with the vaccination programme, which will inform the work of health and care providers and decision-makers in East Sussex.

A hard copy is available here and support in completion is available via or call 0333 101 4007

The closing date is Monday 10th January 2022.

This survey was co-designed by young volunteers at Young Healthwatch East Sussex, a new youth group dedicated to investigating young people’s experiences with healthcare and campaigning for awareness and support for young patients.

To speak to our Young Healthwatch East Sussex volunteers, please make contact through Ed Peasgood, Participation Worker,

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