Dentistry – A Healthwatch guide to your rights and accessing the treatment you need

October 20, 2021

Over the last 18 months, dentistry has been the third most common reason people have contacted Healthwatch East Sussex. Reasons have included challenges accessing dentistry services during the lockdown, problems finding NHS dentists accepting new patients and delays getting access to emergency dental treatment.

One of the key lessons for Healthwatch has been that many members of the public, including those who regularly attend dental services, are not clear on what dentistry services are available via the NHS, what treatment is included and what charges apply.

We have heard stories of people paying more than they should, experiencing long delays for treatment, and difficulty finding help if they have an urgent dental problem.

In response, Healthwatch across Sussex (East Sussex/West Sussex/Brighton & Hove) have worked together on a detailed guide to help everyone get the treatment they need.

This explains:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on NHS dental appointments
  • The difference between NHS and private dental care
  • How to find and register with an NHS dentist
  • NHS dental charges and exemptions
  • How to feedback or complain about a dental service
  • Useful links and emergency dental services

We hope the full guide will answer most of your questions about NHS dental care. There are also some useful tips about keeping teeth and gums healthy. No time to read the whole thing? Find the basic essentials of what you need to know here.

For more information, please also see our website articles on NHS dentistry – what you need to know and Top ten tips when accessing NHS dentistry.

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