East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT) commissioned Young Healthwatch East Sussex (YHWES) to engage with young people (aged 11 to 19), living in foster care in East Sussex, to understand how ESHT could improve young people’s experiences of having a Review Health Assessment.

By Healthwatch East Sussex
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What we did

Using a short survey which they developed in partnership with ESHT staff, YHWES gathered information from 19 young people living in foster care to gather their experiences of the Review Health Assessment.

Key Findings

  • Participants previous experiences of Review Health Assessments were generally positive, with young people expressing that they felt the process was ‘about them’ and centred around their needs.
  • Participants felt that their experiences of RHA’s would be improved if they had more control over where the review took place and who attended.
  • More could be done to inform young people in care of the reasoning behind the RHA’s and their right to decline being assessed.

We provided ESHT with 4 recommendations for improvement.

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View the report

Click the link below to download the report

Healthwatch East Sussex - Children In Care: Experiences of Review Health Assessments - June 2023 Download File (pdf 172.62 KB)

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