Boots the Chemists - Priory Meadow, Hastings



Unit K1
Priory Meadow Shopping Centre
East Sussex
TN34 1PH


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Worst 'pharmacy'!

February 15, 2024
This 'pharmacy' is absolutely appalling. I paid the £50 fee last June so that they would request and deliver my medication as it's something I struggle to deal with. It is now February and once again I have been left without essential medication!! In these 8 months my medication has only been delivered 3 times!!!! They pass the buck and blamed me for not requesting them, then they decided it was the GPs faulty (when they actually issue a script for 5 months to Boots. One time I had to go back 4, yes, 4 times while they fobbed me off with excuses. Even when a support worker goes they are no better.
Last month we asked how to get a refund as they had not fulfilled their 'job' and was told they don't know how. They can't even tell on their system if the meds have actually been delivered or not. Last time they said they couldn't understand why it wasn't getting done, but what use is that to me?
YOU ARE MAKING PEOPLE UNWELL WITH YOUR CARELESS ATTITUDE! If you can't do the job, don't advertise the service and take peoples money!
Linda Powell

Pharmacy staff incompetent.

September 21, 2023
My experience with Boots pharmacy include having my medications 'lost' only to find that they were put in with my sisters medications when she collected hers.
I submitted my prescription into the box at the counter, 4 days later I went to collect, only to be told that the GP practice had not signed them off. Three days later I'm told the same thing, when I again attempted to collect my prescription. I contacted my GP, who advised me that they had received no repeat requests. Went back into Boots and it was established that my prescribed was still in the box, which had not been checked in a week.
I attempted to collect my prescription after GP sent it 3 days before, informed that it was not ready and to return the following day. I returned and was informed that it still was not ready and to return in another hour.
Tracey Dorn

Less reliable these days

November 19, 2022
Mistakes in ordering medication, shortage of staff, less attention to detail when dealing with medication queries, reliability of prescription ordering service is now stressful and cant be relied upon to get what i need at the appropriate time
Debby Anderson

Rang to ask about prescription issued today.

September 14, 2020
I rang to ask if a prescription issued today (14/09/20) could be urgently dispensed today. The prescribed creams were out of stock but were ordered for delivery tomorrow and a home delivery was arranged as I'm shielding due to an imminent hospital stay. All this was arranged with the Pharmacy department of Boots in Priory Meadow, Hastings, East Sussex . I can't put into words how the assistance in this matter helped me at a very stressful time.
Linda Jones

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