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I received the wrong person’s results

October 23, 2020
I had a test in July and I got the results within 12 hours which was great. But then in September I received an email for a test appointment that I’d not booked for a person with the same surname as me, different forename, with the date of birth one day out from mine but a different year. I then also received their test results the following day. This person who’s information I received was a child from a completely different area up north.
Joanne Slack

Took far too long

September 30, 2020
My daughter had a high temperature and needed a negative COVID test before going back to school. It took 3 days of constantly going online at different times to book a test. We were offered Enfield and there were no home testing kits available. I contacted 119 on 2 occasions and although they sympathised they couldnt help. They also asked different questions, which surprised me. Eventually got a test in Bexhill (45 minutes away). The test site was empty when we got there. Processing was straightforward. It too 3 days to get the results.
elaine spencer

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing


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