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Lost my forms and impossible to call

June 2, 2021
Emailed my registration forms to the surgery and 3 weeks later they replied saying they couldn't open the pdfs - no idea why, they asked me to drop the physical forms in and I did. Tried calling to chase my registration for over a month but end up in queues of 20 callers and due to working never get through in the time I have. A family member with the surgery who had an appointment asked for an update and was told they have lost the forms. On hold currently again for some clarification

Extremely difficult to get a referral

March 15, 2021
Firstly , I am fully aware that the Covid situation has made situations difficult.
I needed to be referred to a dermatologist last year and after seeing Dr Sharma I was referred to a Community Dermatologist Dr Ben McFadden in August.. I discovered only later That he is not a proper Consultant Dermatologist . He applied cryotherapy on the spot and I left . He did Not examine the spot at all.
Within a month the lesion had returned and I asked for another appointment.. nothing was forthcoming.. and impossible to even speak to a Doctor February this year I contacted a consultant Dermatologist online in desperation.Dr Anita Amin. After seeing pictures of the lesion she advised me on how to go about getting a fast track appointment at the Eastbourne Hospital . I emailed the surgery and eventually got an appointment and have just very recently seen a Consultant Dermatologist, had a biopsy and will be in the process of getting treatment for which I am extremely grateful!
Why was I not sent directly to the Consultant Dermatologist and why did I have to try and organise my own referral ? Why did I have to wait so long?This is Really unsatisfactory. Why is it Impossible to even have a phone call with a doctor at the surgery...And yes ,I am very aware of Covid but it can’t always be used as an excuse for poor service.
Kathy Cormack

Cannot get an appointment when needed

May 8, 2018
I rarely need to see a Doctor but more than once when I have needed to see one, the wait is so long I’ve got better. They call more urgent appointments ‘emergency’ but if they were I’d be at a hospital. I work shifts in emergency services, there is simply no advantage to being a worker if you need any medical assistance.

A truly consultative appointment

August 2, 2016
GP listened carefully, asked questions, gave good quality information about the condition & treatment. She checked my understanding of what I had been told and we agreed on a treatment plan. The treatment given is working well.

Enys Road Surgery



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