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Awful nursing staff

May 15, 2019
Treat patients as an inconvenience, rude to relatives

My father was on end of life care

August 3, 2017
My dad was on end of life care, as we live in Bexhill they took him from the Conquest. I cannot express how fantastic they were with him, right from the domestic staff to the matron, he was treated with respect and dignity and died there with absolutely no pain, which was all we could ask for. Fantastic place

We are very lucky

July 27, 2017
I had to visit the unit a few months ago and couldn't have asked for a better service.

Marvellous care following a stroke

June 18, 2017
i was very frightened after my stroke and unsure of my recovery prospects. In 4 weeks at the Unit, the very special and compassionate team there built my confidence and increased my knowledge of the condition and how to make the maximum recovery that I can. Thank you so much.
Ray Winter

Very clean

October 14, 2016
The Irvine Unity is very clean and staff are happy

visiting my uncle.

May 29, 2016
Contacting medical staff, physios, nurses etc in connection with my uncle's care.
Everyone, without exception has been polite, co-operative and given a first class service as far as they were able.
Nigel R C Spencer MBE

made to feel I shouldn't be there.

September 23, 2015
I've been going to the Chiropody clinic for some time for sore hammer toes and always felt it to be of great assistance to me as I have severe Arthritis which makes walking very difficult normally.
my feet are very deformed as are my hands which makes it impossible for me to cut my toenails safely. I can only just reach with great difficulty, constantly dropping the clippers.
I was told today that the department doesn't operate a nail cutting service - in a very blunt manner
I assumed that because of my condition, none of the other chiropodists have spoken to me like that, I found his overall manner very condescending saying the same thing over and over as though I'm stupid.
I feel I shouldn't be there basically
I dont feel like going anymore.
Anthony Lambert

Irvine Unit Bexhill Hospital



Holliers Hill
Bexhill On Sea
East Sussex
TN40 2DZ


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