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not impressed

July 7, 2021
Horrendous to get through (took an hour at 12th in queue)
Apparently they don't 'have capacity' to do certain things (ie blood tests) for patients
I was assured through a long chat (x2) with staff prior to moving over to them that they can do XYZ - turns out they can't/won't

Obstructive to meeting patients needs

May 21, 2018
Left in horrendous pain for 2 days without appropriate assessment or treatment and refused home visit by GP despite being too incapacitated to get to the surgery.

Difficult to get appointments

August 12, 2016
Very difficult to get appointments - have to ring at 8.30...can never get through

The Quintin Medical Practice



The Quintin Medical Centre
Hawkswood Road
East Sussex
BN27 1UG


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