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Forgot to test my blood for a heart attack.

February 9, 2021
I was taken to A and E with a suspected heart attack. A second blood test has to be done to check, after about six hours, I think. Usually this is done at A and E, but they were so busy I got sent home without this test. I have been waiting a week for the results as I had it done at Hailsham Medical Practice, and today the receptionist Stacey told me Dr Richardson hadn't tested for a heart attack, but but did a full blood count and that was I fine to keep on monitoring the results of my blood test as it wasn't in the normal range. I wasn't even aware that I had any blood condition that required monitoring!!! Then the receptionist told me she didn't know what this mystery condition was. Or why I hadn't been teases for a heart attack, when this was the reason I went for the blood test, which the nurse confirmed at the time. Then Stacey said that she would be ringing me, and I wasn't allowed to ring the surgery to check what an earth was going on. Last time I asked about vaccinations for a holiday, back in 2019,they never got back to me before. When I asked about a letter for my son confirming his autism and vision impairment, they didn't reply either. The receptionist Stacey told me she wasn't allowed to ring my husband for some odd reason, despite the mobile signal on his phone being much better than mine. So I might not get the call and I'm not allowed to ring up!! Apparently, I have to wait until Dr Richardson is ready to contact me, and in the meantime I need a blood test for a heart attack that should have been done within hours of going into A and E. I am going to be ringing the practice manager tomorrow to make a complaint.
Joy Snelson

Lack of staffing

August 17, 2016
Lack of staffing at Hailsham Medical Practice. Telephone system inadequate - can't get through. appointments full up for 3/4 weeks. No practice manager again! Another one left. GP's understaffed, extra pressure - "local" chemists also under pressure.
Mary Laxton

Can't get an appointment

September 28, 2015
I can't get an appointment unless you actually go to the surgery - can't get through on the phone.

Unacceptable delay in issuing repeat prescriptions as a result I have run out of medicines several times - problem seems to be something to do with communication between surgery and Boots chemist
Mrs Pauline Constable

Vicarage Field Surgery



Hailsham Health Centre
Vicarage Field
East Sussex
BN27 1BE


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