Emotional tribute as ESHT nurse leaves Critical Care

April 20, 2020

There were emotional scenes at Conquest Hospital on Friday afternoon as a member of ESHT nursing staff, Uma Pradhan, finally left Critical Care having spent 23 days in the unit being treated for Covid-19.


Link to video https://youtu.be/_eg9OrQzyV4


Over 100 colleagues from across the Trust came out to clap Uma as she made her way from the Critical Care Unit to a ward to continue her recovery.


Uma Pradhan, ESHT nurse said: “I can’t thank all the staff in Critical Care enough for everything they have done for me. They are truly amazing. I am still in hospital but progressing every day, everyone has been fantastic.”


Kate Murray, Critical Care and Anaesthetic Consultant said “The Critical Care Medical and Nursing team are delighted to be able to discharge Uma from Critical Care. She has had a really tough battle against Covid-19 in ICU for over three weeks and has made a remarkable recovery, given how critically ill she has been. This recovery has been made all the more special given that she is “one of our own”.

“She is an amazing lady – and a dedicated nurse. One of her first questions when she began to get better was when she could go back to work!

“We wish her well – her recovery has given all of us real hope and inspiration during what is an incredibly challenging time.”

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