Healthwatch updates ESCC Councillor’s on our recent activity

April 23, 2024

On the 22nd April, in collaboration with colleagues from East Sussex County Council Scrutiny Team, Healthwatch staff delivered an ‘Introduction to Healthwatch’ session to Councillors. The hour long-session was attended by 8 councillors from different wards and political parties.

Our briefing summarised the background and evolution of Healthwatch nationally, including its formation and implementation in East Sussex, and explained our statutory functions and core powers.

A key focus was placed on identifying Healthwatch’s unique role as an independent champion for patient voice in health and care services, whilst making clear it is not a regulator or inspector. Healthwatch uses its seats on the East Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board and Sussex Health and Care Assembly as well as participation in approximately 70 fora and groups to achieve this.

We outlined:

  • Our commitment to obtaining the views and voices from people across all communities and locations in East Sussex and how our 2024-25 work plan will contribute to this.
  • Examples of recent Healthwatch activities and how these captured and use patient voice to support service development.
  • The importance of our collaboration and partnerships with local statutory, voluntary and community organisations.
  • Our key programme services, such as Enter and View, Information and Signposting and Engagement, identifying how these work and how they are delivered.
  • The crucial role of our volunteers in providing capacity and expertise in representing Healthwatch, participating in our projects and activities, and capturing grassroots intelligence
  • The pathways open to Healthwatch in escalating individual or services concerns to Healthwatch England and the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We aim to repeat these sessions for councillors on a regular basis, but are also keen to deliver them to other organisations or groups who wish to know more about the role of Healthwatch.

If you are interested, then please get in touch with any member of staff or contact us using the details below.


Tell Us Your Experiences 

Please tell us your experiences of local health and care services via our Feedback Centre and let us know how this has been for you. 

We want to hear if it has been good, bad or indifferent.


Help and support with Health and Care 

If you need help or support related to health or care, or have any feedback on services that you have used, then please contact our Information & Signposting Service via 

0333 101 4007 or 

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