Independent review into the state of residential care in East Sussex

May 30, 2018

Healthwatch East Sussex (HWES) the local independent watchdog for health and social care publishes its latest report looking at the state of residential care in East Sussex.

In this, the third programme of activity our trained authorised representatives visited 43 care homes in November 2017 – January 2018 as part of Healthwatch’s commitment to visit every care home in East Sussex, and pleased to report that:

‘…most residents were overwhelmingly positive about their experiences in the care homes, positive about the standard of care and positive about the staff’

The focus of the visits was on choice and independence. These were seen as key issues for people who move into care homes. It is often assumed that people who go into care homes will lose their sense of independence, that they will have no choices and be unable to make their own decisions.

A key part of these visits was to assess these assumptions, both from what residents told us but also from our observations. We particularly looked at how residents were offered choices, such as at mealtimes and where to spend their day. We were also keen to ask residents about the best thing about being in a care home and also about any improvements they could suggest.

Key themes identified included:

  • Activities
  • Residents being able to make choices
  • Residents being able to help and be involved in the home
  • Access to the community and outdoor areas
  • Level of homeliness and personal possessions
  • Residents being aware of their care plan; and
  • Positive comments about the quality of care

Key findings;

  • Most residents were overwhelmingly positive about their experiences in the care homes, positive about the standard of care and positive about the staff.
  • There was not a clear message from residents that they were aware of their care plans or had been involved in putting this together; and
  • A total of eight recommendations have been made, where care home could incorporate some of the very good practices identified from the visits.

To view the full report please click here

John Routledge, Director said

‘it is very important for people (and their relatives) in residential care to know they have a voice and that that voice matters. These reports focus on the quality of life agenda, local Healthwatch is tasked with reviewing as well as promoting good practices we identify. Through discussions with our partners we will follow up on how more residents can be involved in care planning going forward. If you are looking for a care home for your loved one or relative, please ask the care home you are considering if they have received a visit from HWES and ask to see their individual report to assist you in making your choice.

One of the key outcomes from this programme of visits is the identification of good practice and an endeavour to share these with other providers.

Further details about the next programme of visits will be announced later in the year, any previous reports are also available from our website.

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