Patients give excellent feedback on their cancer care at East Sussex Healthcare

October 1, 2018

Care of cancer patients at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has again been highly praised in a national survey of patients who were diagnosed with the disease. The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey, now in its seventh year has been published and was completed by over 500 local patients. Patients were asked to rate their care overall on a scale of 1-10 and patients in East Sussex rated their care as 8.9 out of 10 and increase on the previous year’s survey of 8.6.


Cancer care for Breast, Haematology, Lung and Urology services scored particularly well with scores above the national averages. Out of the 59 areas looked at by the survey the Trust improved its performance in 8 areas compared with the 2017 survey. In 10 areas the satisfaction rates were above the national average with the remainder sitting at around the national average and well within the expected ranges. 


Patients were particularly complimentary about the care that they received from our Clinical Nurse Specialists with ease of access and having all their contact details being highlighted. 90% of patients responded positively about the dignified way in which they were treated by hospital staff.


Dr Adrian Bull, Chief Executive, said: “We were pleased to note the positive responses to this survey. It was gratifying that so many of our patients took the time to respond. In fact the average response rate was much higher in East Sussex than it was nationally so I would like to thank those patients who completed the survey. These findings will help us improve our services to patients in the future. The report illustrates the excellent work being done by our multi-disciplinary teams and our chemotherapy units to care for cancer patients in East Sussex. As always we will be reflecting on the areas where further improvements can be made. Particularly in talking to our patients about how they can engage with research projects and clinical trials. I would like to congratulate colleagues from all disciplines who work so tirelessly for the benefit of cancer patients, some of those will be well known to patients but there are many others who work behind the scenes who also contribute enormously to the care of our patients.”


The National Cancer Patient Survey has been carried out by the Department of Health for the last seven years. The surveys concentrated on patients diagnosed during a two month period in 2017 who received treatment at either Eastbourne DGH or the Conquest Hospital.

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