Post Critical Care Rehabilitation gets a boost

July 1, 2016

Post Critical Care Rehabilitation has boosted the rehabilitation opportunities for recovering patients with the purchase of new equipment including a static bike and stepping machine.

Based at Bexhill Hospital, Post Critical Care Rehabilitation offers an individualised six week rehabilitation programme for patients who have spent time in Critical Care at Conquest and Eastbourne District Hospitals.  The exercise programme helps them with balance, strengthening and exercise tolerance along with offering advice and support for the emotional and psychological effects of having experienced a traumatic event and time in critical care.

Critical Care Senior Sister Natalie Stevens said: “Spending a period of time in critical care can have a physical and emotional effect on people. It is often difficult to quickly adjust back into normal life following discharge from hospital. This rehabilitation programme (see homepage to know more about it) offers ex critical care patients’ support and advice along with an individualised course of exercise to regain their mobility, fitness and confidence.”

The rehabilitation programme, run by a team including a doctor, nurse and physiotherapists, has received praise from a number of patients including Patricia Moss who said: “The Critical Care Rehabilitation Follow Up is very important to those of us who have had the opportunity to use it. Not everyone has a supportive family and it is so helpful to have any questions answered about our care and treatment which maybe giving us concern. To meet some of the team who were so crucial to my recovery and to feel that I still have continuing support I think is a big factor in my recovery back to a normal life.”

2016-07-01 Post critcal care rehab

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