Revamp Improves Ward For Patients

November 26, 2015

A surgical ward has been refurbished to improve the environment for patients. Gardner Ward at Conquest Hospital has been refurbished and redesigned to upgrade the ward facilities.  The redevelopment work cost £250,000 and took eight weeks to complete.

The ward has been refurbished and redecorated to enhance infection prevention and control measures as well as in consideration of Dementia Care principles. The nurse’s station has been redesigned and replaced allowing it to be effectively wiped clean. Data protection has been enhanced with improved storage for confidential notes within locked cupboards behind the nurse station.

The ward has a dedicated drugs preparation room allowing staff to prepare medication without being disturbed, thus contributing to a reduction in medication errors. A new  Omnicell Pharmacy Dispensing Unit has been installed, incorporating finger print technology to reduce risk of errors and improve the governance of medications.

The ward kitchen has been extended to provide extra space for the meal trolley along with the provision of a hot water dispenser for making hot drinks. All bed head units have been upgraded to provide piped oxygen and vacuum outlets. A small quiet room has been created for private and confidential discussions with patients and relatives, thereby enhancing privacy, dignity and confidentiality. To improve security and patient safety, a new entrance doors have been fitted with swipe-card access.

Jayne Cannon Head of Nursing Surgery Clinical Unit said: “The new ward facilities are fantastic and are a big improvement for both our patients and staff. The work has given the ward a more modern look which is much easier to clean and support infection control. Our Kitchen has been improved and expanded and we now have a room for waiting and confidential conversations allowing us to improve the dignity and confidentiality we offer our patients and their families. All in all, we now have an enhanced environment which is better for patients and a great improvement on the previous ward design.”

Chris Hodgson Director of Estates said: “The ward refurbishment is part of a programme of work to upgrade and refurbish wards throughout our hospitals. This process of improving the ward environment allows us to improve infection control measures; privacy and dignity and build in the principles of better dementia care.”


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