Visiting Care Homes during COVID-19

February 12, 2021


The impact on relatives and carers from long term separation and restricted visiting in care homes

Healthwatch East Sussex and Healthwatch Brighton and Hove invite you to our next webinar on Wednesday 24th February from 3 – 4.30 pm

National Guidance on visiting was updated on the 12th January 2021.

It talks about…

  • Visiting being a central part of care home life
  • How it’s vital for family and friends to maintain contact and life-long relationships with their loved ones
  • The importance for family members to contribute to their relatives support and care (often as essential carers); and
  • The important role visiting plays in maintaining health, wellbeing and quality of life for residents


If you are a family carer and want to contribute to the discussions, exchange your views with other carers, or to simply hear from health and care professionals, make sure you book your place.

The programme for the day can be viewed here


Register your place now


Our panel includes

  • Dr Padma Dalby, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Sussex Partnership NHS Trust (Project Lead)
  • Deborah Becker, Occupational Therapist, Sussex Partnership NHS Trust
  • Jo Egan, Director of Services, Care for the Carers
  • Dame Phillipa Russell, Carer and Vice Chair Carers UK
  • Public Health colleagues; and
  • Health and care professional from East Sussex and Brighton and Hove.

The panel will have the most current information available to share with you and will seek to respond to any questions you may have.

Please forward any questions in advance of the webinar to:

Any media enquiries please contact:

One response to “Visiting Care Homes during COVID-19

  1. I feel that not enough has been done to facilitate visits of family to care homes. While I appreciate that care home have been under considerable pressure during this time we are now a year on. Care homes need to facilitate visits. The people in care homes have had their liberty and freedom taken away from them. They do not have a choice. Some have not been out in the community for over a year now. They should have a choice as being old does not necessarily mean you do not have the capacity to make your own decisions. Some would say they would rather be dead rather than not see their family. It is inhumane to keep people in isolation for this long. For a lot of these people Zoom or video calls to loved ones are no good and don’t mean anything to them. They also find it difficult to have a conversation on the phone. Policies need to change to include COVID as we will be living with this for a while longer.

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