Your experience of local health and care services during the Coronavirus crisis

March 20, 2020

Healthwatch East Sussex is working hard to make sure patients and the public continue to have opportunities to share their experiences of health and care services. In these unprecedented times, Healthwatch has a crucial role in hearing how the spread of Coronavirus is impacting on individuals, families and carers across the county.

We are mindful of not putting unnecessary added pressure on health and care system at this difficult time but we will not be afraid to raise issues that need addressing with health & care commissioners and providers, based upon what members of the public tell us.

We are placing key local and national Public Health messages and resources on our website, signposting the public to up to date and reliable information and guidance. We are also sourcing additional resources for those with specific needs such as BSL and easy read resources. We are working with partners in the voluntary sector, NHS and local authorities to maximise support available for people during this crisis.

You can tell us about your experiences of health and care services or ask questions through our website, telephone, email, post or social media (contact details listed below).

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Family and Friends in Care Homes

We are exploring with care providers how residents can access our services remotely. Care services are ‘closed’ to visitors, including those routinely involved in regulating services.

Please tell us how you are staying in contact with your family in residential care, we want to share good examples where services are going those extra miles to ensure families stay connected, so we can encourage others to do the same. 


Case Study – How we respond to your queries

Accessing repeat prescriptions; a member of the public contacted us because they were concerned how a GP practice was dealing with the demands for repeat prescriptions:

‘…there are No face to face appointments available, what appeared to be a ‘barricade built from chairs to stop people getting too close to reception desk had been constructed. Poster on main doors asking not to come in!’

They added:

‘Repeat prescription station has been moved outside of the surgery and looks exactly as shown in the pictures. There is no chair to sit down and complete a request form and forms are poorly printed using A5 (small sized paper), hardly readable for anyone with limited sight issues.

When I was there, an elderly man, come to put a request in for a repeat prescription; very poorly looking man, he had a long list of medication to request. Luckily, I was there, and I did it all for him. How on earth are vulnerable people who mostly use this service are expected to access it?’

John Routledge, Director at Healthwatch East Sussex added:

‘NHS partners at very senior levels, were quick to respond to these concerns, however, this is why it’s vitally important to give your feedback, people are self-isolating, but also need to continue to access support and services to stay well.  


What CAN people do?

We urge you to contact us to share your experiences. We will raise your concerns with services and signpost you to accurate information:

Click here to find out how to contact us

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