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The a&e was like a war zone.

July 12, 2024
The staff looked defeated, beds everywhere with zero space between them. Head end of the bed against the wall with a cramped row of beds in front of all cubicals, with bed rails touching.

A less than average experience!

March 14, 2024
Caring staff, but dirty and overcrowded A&E - with patients having to stand as others (who'd come with patients) were taking up all the seating areas.

Reported filthy toilets - nothing happened to clean them in the six hours I was at A&E.

husband starved in hospital

January 25, 2024
No-one bothered to find out why he was not eating. He was too weak after starving to feed himself. Went down from 13 stones entering hospital down to 6 stones. Went in 6ft 1in and robust for his age 82. Now seriously ill.
Teresa Penn

Government cuts have wrecked the NHS

September 24, 2023
Diagnosed with acute cholesystitus in June. Put on a waiting list for an operation with no date in sight and no follow up guidance .

Last week it reoccurred with 5 days of acute pain, and on the advice of my gp, I checked myself into Brighton A&E. Arrived at today at 12, was promptly diagnosed , told I would need tests, an operation and that I would be transferred to a ward in majors. After 7 hours of waiting in a cubicle, I asked when I was to be moved only to be told there are no beds and that whilst I still need the operation, I would be sleeping on a trolley in the corridor. There is no food (I haven’t eaten since yesterday), no water and no pastoral care. It’s now nearly 8PM and no one has come to ask how I’m doing.
It is absolutely breaks my heart that today’s NHS is in such an appalling state. It was once the envy of the world.
Just to add before coming here, I asked Lewes ‘ Victoria Hospital if they could help me. In response, they asked if I had private health insurance. I suppose that was the aim all along, pay or suffer. Shameful.
Kathleen (Kit) Hardy

Pretty quick and easy

September 13, 2023
Had a suspected broken wrist and went in expecting to wait like 5 hours but didn’t take long at all ! All the doctors and nurses were super kind and helpful especially the male doctor I was examined by .. didn’t get his name but wish I did to give him a special thank you and good review !

Horrific experience.

August 1, 2023
They save lives but so don’t have time to ‘care’ for patients. Awful experience

Wonderful Staff Nurse was so kind

March 8, 2023
Wonderful. Staff looked after me so well.. Can’t fault anything.
Mrs Sally Ann Phillips


November 22, 2022
I saw a triage nurse promptly and was referred to the Urgent Treatment unit to see a GP. Didn't have to wait long to see him. He was charming and reassuring and I was on my way home within 2 hours feeling very much less anxius than when I arrived.
Carolyn James

3 hours and waiting

March 27, 2022
3 hours, still waiting. Not one person has approached me yet to tell me anything! Only 20 people waiting, same patients get called in and out constantly, still waiting.

First class professional paramedic Lara

December 13, 2021
Today 13.12.21 went to A & E Brighton hospital, had nasty fall sleep suspected broken arm, all staff from volunteer at entrance to triage nurses, reception, x ray team paramedic & Dr, while team professional friendly effective & efficient, 5 stars to paramedic Lara who was superb, very badly bruised but nothing broken, in & out in less than two hours. Thank you to all the team you do a fantastic job under what is obviously a great deal of stress & pressure, your dedication commitment & professionalism is really appreciated.
C. K.S

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