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I had a bladder infection

April 8, 2021
Bad experience from reception staff who was rude. Was told to call back to make appointment as test was positive. When I called, was asked if it was an emergency. My mum experienced the same when I had a telephone appointment with medical practitioner she was lovely and really supportive when I had to change medication. However, the reception staff are rude to vulnerable and scared patients

Impossible to get an appointment

April 8, 2021
Very rude receptionist who makes you feel terrible for daring to ask for an appointment and questions you loudly about what’s wrong with you

I had day surgery on my hand

December 3, 2016
From the moment I arrived my care was fantastic. The staff were lovely and were very kind.

Information and appointments

September 26, 2016
Information not forwarding back to my GP from Princess Royal Hospital (e.g. change of tablets). Also Dr appointments very difficult to make.
D S Carter

Doctor Appointments

September 15, 2016
Appointments are very difficult to make
D Scarter

Bird-In-Eye Surgery



Uckfield Community Hospital
Framfield Road
East Sussex
TN22 5AW


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