Boots the Chemists - Hailsham



25 Vicarage Field
East Sussex
BN27 1BG


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Excellent staff

December 22, 2020
Excellent staff always happy to help, always helpful even if there's a queue

Complete let down

June 6, 2020
Hospital recommended on discharge to go to Boots to buy a 'foot seal' to protect foot from getting wet. Was told by Boots that it was not in stock and that they would get me one by 11am the following morning as long as I paid the £19 for the cost of it. I went in there on the following day at 12.30am and was told that by the staff that they did not know anything about it. I had the receipt in my hand to show them. Staff then spoke to each other and said 'possibly it will be in on Monday'. I went back in again on Monday and they said they were very sorry but nothing there and said can I come back in on Tuesday. I said I cannot wait any longer and asked for a refund.
Kenneth Crunden

Persistent problems with repeat prescriptions

October 6, 2015
From before the time that Seaforth Surgery took over the Vicarge Fields Surgery, there have been persistent problems in the process of repeat prescriptions with Boots the Pharmacy in Hailsham.

The problems include a) being lost or forgotten, b) promised automatic text reminders never occuring, and c) required medicines either totally out of stock or being issued in parts even down to single tablets.

The level of confidence in the pharmacy is further reduced when it is patently obvious from direct observation that the staff are overloaded (long queues, slow processing of "simple" prescriptions and locak of forward packing of repeat items)

The impact on the population is several fold:

Repeated excursions to the pharmacy to pick up, or not on occasion, the next instalment of prescription.

A nagging feeling the wrong drug is going to be issued due to lack of competency or capacity.
Ray Collins

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