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Cannot book a covid 19 booster jab

November 18, 2021
Cannot get a booster in Bexhill at all. Nowhere is doing them. Partner is extremely vulnerable and doesn’t want to travel in a vehicle with a stranger. Can’t get a lift from family or friends to rye, flimwell or Eastbourne and not right days for drop in centre in Hastings
Lorraine Willard

Good overall but info could be better

July 9, 2021
Attended Sovereign harbour community centre, sat morning.
Significant queue - outside and inside - some people were up to 20 mins early for appt which seemed to be the cause.
Good social distancing
Info on display set up for digital access - QR codes for video "watch this before your jab" so not good for those without digi skills
Poster advised not to enter if have covid symptoms - symptoms of covid not displayed - advised to go online.
No obvious complaints procedure info
No ID check on anyone
Info leaflet provided
Queries point not staffed and info screen switched off
Appropriate health questions were asked - conditions, meds, preg etc
Very quick once in the chair
Arrived 8.50am, appt time 9am, out by 9.35
Clock in waiting area had stopped
Waiting area staff member was friendly

Excellent process

March 6, 2021
Received a text made an appointment on line through VMC at the Beacon- turned up in and out in 5 minutes very efficient

In one word, Faultless!

February 24, 2021
The organisation at the Sidley Health Centre was superb, being both friendly, caring and efficient in operation. From the moment I entered I felt confident and reassured, I cannot see how the service there could have been improved upon.
Rev Peter Doodes

Very well organised and efficient.

February 5, 2021
Everyone was very kind and helpful.
judith salmon

Quite disappointed

February 3, 2021
I received my first vaccination at the Conquest Hospital yesterday evening.

On arrival, I was welcomed by a cheerful security guard, who checked me in. I was asked to remove the mask that I had on and replace it with one of the masks which were provided.
This wouldn't have normally been a problem, however, the masks which were on the table being given out, had been touched by every person that had walked in to the building, to make things worse, I couldn't see any hand sanitiser and wasn't asked to sanitise my hands before going any further.

I was given two forms to complete prior to my vaccination. I was ushered to a table to complete them, however, there was so little space, nobody had room to move, and when other patients had completed their form, they basically had to brush past you to join the next queue.

There were sanitising wipes left on the table, however, I didn't see anybody clean the tables after people had left them.

I waited 45 minutes from the point of joining the final queue to receiving my first jab. The 15 minute observation afterwards was in a nice clean, spacious room, and the process for booking my second jab was very efficient.

I just wish that social distancing and hand sanitisation was taken a bit more seriously - especially the mask situation!

Excellent process

February 2, 2021
Received a text made an appointment on line at the Beacon- turned up in and out in 5 minutes very efficient

if oldies can travel and young ones cant.

January 28, 2021
Any mobility is helpful. We can then hopefully go to Wales and visit the grandchild, provide welcome break for tired Mum and Dad.

I can see my Grandnieces and nephews here in Brighton and provide and hand. There is loads to help for the young people even if they cant move.

Waited a short time.

January 27, 2021
Surgery phoned for my husbands vaccination, then offered one for and then asked if we needed transport. Excellent service. Volunteers and medical staff all very helpful on the day
Gillian Marenghi

Well organised

January 23, 2021
Quick and a lovely atmosphere
Joan pagden

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