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Sometimes helpful and sometimes not

July 14, 2020
Sometimes I can get an appointment, be seen and receive treatment. But since moving back from London after leaving uni, three times I tried to book an appointment for the same health issue and been told I couldn’t have an appointment because there simply was none, even when I rang at open ring time. I was also told that if I keep calling because it’s “that bad” why don’t I call an ambulance, but at the time it wasn’t serious enough to warrant an ambulance or a&e visit. Eventually my health deteriorated so badly that a cyst on my ovaries burst and poisoned my blood. I was taken to hospital in an ambulance and admitted for a couple of days. A real waste of NHS money and time which could’ve been seen to at a gp appointment and handed to the relevant area before I became this unwell. I should be able to have medical treatment before I am so unwell that I almost die. I’m disgusted and have contacted the practise manager and have continued to have problems trying to make an appointment throughout covid. (The other situation was pre covid). I myself work for the NHS where shifts are 7:30am-8pm. When I call at 9 on my first break I am told there are no appointments and when I explain why I couldn’t call at 8 because I was working on a ward, I am told that’s my problem and I still can’t book a day early. A shambles of a GP surgery and to be honest the issue is with the reception staff.

Impressed with care re my daughter

April 30, 2019
Very helpful to resolve my daughters problem when temporary staying with me

Looked after my daughter as a temporary patient

April 30, 2019
I was very impressed with the care that was given
Val gould

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