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Online form

December 12, 2023
I understand the need for the online form. After it had been explained to me I understand the need to limit access to a fixed number each day - this is how primary and secondary care control workload. What I do not understand and find unacceptable is that the patients are not told about the restricted access. An explanation of how the system works, why the form is only available online for about 7-10 ours a week. It is immensely frustrating to try to complete a form, and when you cannot find it have a go receptionist refusing to take an appointment request over the phone. The frustration will, inevitably be "taken out" on staff by some patients.
Health care professionals have a long history of not telling patients the whole truth, I thought we had passed beyond that

Dr appointment

September 11, 2019
Managed an appointment on Monday 9th September 2019.I was with the doctor within 5 minutes of arrival at the Health Centre. I explained my problem and had an examination. I was told go into the nursing station and have an ECG. A nurse did the procedure. I returned to the Doctor who said he would like me to go to EDGH A&E for further examination.
Wlliam (Bill) Purcell

Good service

March 30, 2018
Good service by doctors and nurses but some reception staff could do with more training in dealing with people
David Reynolds

Medical staff good clerical staff not so good

February 21, 2018
Whilst the GPS and nursing staff including phlebotomists and podiatrists are good the repeat prescription system is poor.

At or around the Xmas break they advise that they need an extra four days to handle the repeats. If you try to put a repeat in early they will refuse it because it is too early!

The online prescription service has been offline for some considerable time in the recent past leaving the patients to put up with the vagaries of a somewhat chaotic prescription ordering system.

Seaford Medical Practice

December 15, 2015
Apaarent refusal to undertake Domicillary's after 3pm - referral 111

Inability to undertake replacement dressings without an appointment

I have full praise for the staff

November 30, 2015
I have full praise for the staff and GP's at Seaford Medical Centre.

I have complex medical problems, and my GP has been patient and excellent.

A big thank you!
Rita Evans

Very good communication from GP to daughter

November 26, 2015
My husband took our daughter to the GP as she was complaining a lot of ear ache, headaches and having time off school. The GP was excellent with our daughter, made sure she directed her questions to her, understood her replies and checked she understood what was being said.
Zoe Burns

Always helpful

November 12, 2015
I've always been treated great there
Robert Marsland

Can't get appointment

September 15, 2015
It takes an inordinate amount of time to get on appointment at our surgery. Too many patients, not enough Doctors. I suspect a walk-in surgery would solve many cough/cold/seasonal problems, leaving doctors available for more complex appointments. Same applies for the lengthy waits for hospital visits after referral - notably DGH
Marilyn Daw

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