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Was good, but went downhill

March 22, 2021
The surgery was good when I was younger, but it has since gone downhill (this is still before the pandemic). I was dealing with lots of issues with my GP when I was at university, and the doctors here didn't seem to understand the issues when my medical notes were transferred over when I moved back home. They never did any referrals for mental health specialists, and I've had endless health issues for almost 3 years that doctors never looked into. To them, if it doesn't show up in a simple blood test, it doesn't exist. Just go home and recover, even though you've been dealing with it for so long and clearly won't "recover".

Practice nurse dressed a wound on my leg

November 18, 2020
In mid-July, I tripped on a step in the Isle of Wight and the concrete corner tore a 8-inch gash down the front of my left leg. It bled a lot and an ambulance took me to A and E, where the doctor said I would need plastic surgery and that, at 92, with varicose veins already cauterised,my chances of complete healing were not good. However, the A and E charge nurse who dealt with it was strong enough to push most of the edges together and hold them with steristrips. When I got back to Lewes, I told the St Andrew's practice nurse that it had been treated with honey by the local IoW surgery. She took immense trouble dressing it with honey twice a week and applying compression bandages. The result is that in three months it has completely healed: no residual ulcer, nothing but a faint scar.

The service now is horrendous, no routine or

September 8, 2020
you can't get through when you phone up
Receptionist tries to diagnose,if she went to medical school why is she on reception
Some who answer the phone are rude
This new merging has been very detrimental to the service
Mrs zoe small

Used to be a 5 star practice

August 17, 2020
Since joining with the other surgeries in Lewes, the service has suffered. I order my prescription online to be delivered due to disability, unfortunately I have had to chase my last two repeat requests because they have not been processed!
Dawn Cranfield

Difficult to get appointments, even by phone.

July 31, 2020
Eye problem. To spare the service during what was supposed to be a difficult time I went to the Nuffield for a consultation. Advice received, letter written by the consultant 8th July. I called the surgery a week later and was grilled by the receptionist as to why I wanted an appointment, who had recommended it. I explained that they had received a letter a week before. But there was no knowledge of this. A phone appointment fixed with Dr, another two weeks into the future. Dr called: also knew nothing about the case, which had to be explained in detail. It was obviously a waste of my time and money going to a specialist - which was done in order to save NHS time - since the whole case had to be gone through again. I was promised an appointment with the nurse, so that tests could be carried out. After more than a week no appointment has yet been fixed.This means yet another tiresome phone call, with five minutes of enforced and out of date Covid info and a long, long wait for a response.
Paul Newland

Helpful, professional and dedicated team

March 13, 2017
I was very unwell during the winter and the whole team, GPs, nursing team and reception staff were so reassuring, friendly and conscientious. I felt safe and cared for; they are such a dedicated team of professionals, everything one hopes for in a doctor's surgery. Fantastic.
Kathy Berlanga

Automated phones

August 12, 2016
Too many options on automated phones. Not good for older people


August 12, 2016
Fantastic! Book appointments online, very easy and can get appointments the same day. Was quite poorly last winter and the Dr visited my home very quickly.

Currently supported by nurse specialist

September 28, 2015
Currently supported by nurse specialist in Diabetes. I have type 1 diabetes and the nurse specialist is fully informed of the latest treatments, gadgets and developments.

St Andrew's Surgery is offering this as a trial. This is the idea. It helps us look after ourselves thus avoiding complications i.e loss of feet. We need more of this.
Hester Pownall

GP Execellent

September 22, 2015
GP surgery is excellent.
Robert Gayler

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