Staying Connected During The Coronavirus Crisis: Families and Friends of Care Home Residents Webinar

Thank you to everybody who attended our webinar on the 10th November.

Over 80 people took part in the event – we hope you found the evening informative and interesting.

Lots of questions were asked throughout the webinar and we will ensure that these are published as soon as possible.

Dr Mathew Thomas GP who gave a presentation at the webinar, shared his impression of the whole event:

‘It was a privilege to be asked to engage with the families of Care Home residents on the Healthwatch Webinar. They gave powerful, insightful and touching stories of the trauma and upset that COVID19 has caused them and their loved ones. I also heard about some wonderfully caring Homes and staff who have gone the extra mile. It gave me a lot to think about and will help shape some of the support I give to the Care Homes going forward’

If you were not able to attend but would like to still watch the webinar, please click the button in the menu on the left hand side to view the recording. The presentation is also available to download.

Webinar Programme:

  1. Opening Remarks

    Alistair Hignell CBE

  2. Setting the Scene – responding to the local situation as a system and the challenges around visiting arrangements for Care Home providers as we enter a second lockdown period. Risk vs the Human touch

    Dr Mathew Thomas (GP) and Mike Derrick, Chair Brighton & Hove East Sussex Residential Care Home Association

  3. Relative’s Story

    Lesley Meech

  4. What is the national picture like, what is the Relatives & Residents Helpline hearing and what could be done differently during the second lockdown period?

    The Relatives & Residents Association for Quality of Life of Older People in Care

  5. Life at Valerie Manor during COVID-19

    Zoe Fry, Director, Valerie Manor Care Home

  6. Question and Answer Discussion

    Panelists: Dr Mathew Thomas, Mike Derrick, Lesley Meech and Zoe Fry
    Facilitator: Lynne Phair (Expert Witness and Independent Nurse Adviser in the Care of Older People)

  7. Summing Up and move in to ‘Breakout Spaces’ for focussed Q & A session with health, care and voluntary sector representatives

    Alastair Hignell CBE

  8. Next Steps, Evaluation Form and Reporting Timeframes