What is an STP and how does it work in East Sussex?


  • Sussex and East Surrey is one of 44 geographical Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) ‘footprints’ in England who have been asked to produce a long-term plan outlining how local health and care services will evolve, improve and continue over the next five years.


  • The Sussex and East Surrey Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) brings together 24 organisations involved in the planning and provision of health and care services across the region – this includes CCGs, acute hospital trusts, mental health, community services, and local authorities.


  • As our population grows, and grows older, we need more health care and different services. Some of the services we have now, were not designed to meet the needs of today or the future and do not make the most of medical advances.


  • We want to do more to prevent illness, support people to manage existing health conditions and to stay independent. To do this we need seamless health and social care services.


  • The STP is a partnership and a new way of working. It ensures that all the health and care organisations in Sussex and East Surrey are working together in a joined-up way.


  • Priorities are to develop more community-based services, helping people to stay well closer to home. This will reduce demand on our hospitals, enabling them to improve their specialist services.


  • Working together in this way means that we can offer local people better care and better outcomes and make more efficient use of the resources available to us.

There are three delivery plans which make up the East Surrey and Sussex STP, for more on these plans follow the links below.

  • Coastal Care (West Sussex)
  • Central Sussex and East Surrey Alliance
  • East Sussex Better Together

Further information on the Sussex and East Surrey STP, including Programme Board papers, can be found at:


Locally and nationally there is widespread support for what STPs are seeking to achieve but there are also some concerns and protests. The commissioning of services at a Sussex wide level may make decisions more remote from local populations and there are fears that some local services may be lost due to financial pressures and increased demand.

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