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February 24, 2022
it took them a long time to answer and repeat messages. When I finally got through they couldn't do anything and asked me to do an appointment with my GP instead, which I was trying to avoid in the first place.

I found the service met all my needs

February 5, 2022
I had a problem that required the advice of a professional medical person. This was provided by the 111 service


October 22, 2021
I phoned 111 as was suffering from a terrible headache which I'd had for about 4 days. I was also vomiting, had a stiff painful neck and felt awful. I explained it was worse lying down at night. The 111 handler just read out a script of questions which I answered. Somehow they came up with the idea I might have covid, although I explained I didn't have covid symptoms and being an NHS worker myself new it was highly unlikely it was Covid. They suggested I get a test and speak to a local pharmacy about getting stronger pain killers for my headache! At this point I was in tears as I new something wasn't right and felt they weren't really listening to my symptoms and just ticking off from their list of questions! I didn't go for a test but went and spoke to a pharmacist who was really concerned about me and told me to contact my GP first thing Monday morning. Anyway I did that but before I could go and see my GP I ended up in hospital and was diagnosed with Viral Meningitis! I later realised that all the symptoms I was suffering from were typical of meningitis and really should have been picked up by a 111 handler! Safe to say I have no confidence in the system!
Kerry Thatcher

Poor response to an emergency call.

June 23, 2021
One week ago called 111 at 0445. Faced recorded message saying what to do. Use online. All the time was talking about procedure forCOVID situation. Must have pressed over 8 buttons to get help But no go. As had difficulty breathing after constantly pressing buttons could not get through.
Had to call 999 who attended in 1 and half hours. After initial assessment was taken to A&E. Had full assessment and returned home after 4 1/2 hours.
Very disappointed with the service. Caused more anxiety that added to discomfort.
Dr isaac Suleman MBE

Very good

April 20, 2020
Good advice. Had quite a wait to get through, but saved me from leaving the house. FIrst time I used 111

Once I got through, I was extremely satisifie

April 12, 2020
I had a long wait to get through, however, at this uncertain time I wasn't bothered.
When I did speak to somebody, they service was good and I was left satisfied and reassured.
Thank you to all NHS staff for everything during this national emergency.

Late night advice

January 31, 2020
The call handlers were very polite and professional. Quite a wait for a medically trained member of staff to call back though

Complete waste of time

January 6, 2019
Rang at 11pm told a callback would happen in about 2 hours. Up all night waiting. Snippy doctor called after 7 hours to say we could either attend a clinic 15 miles away or wait to see our GP. Husband has had flu for 6 weeks, now has a chest infection and is being sick due to coughing. Cannot physically get to a clinic 15 miles away. Only need an antibiotic prescription as we did when this happened before. Got a lecture about flu not responding to antibiotics which I know full well or would have seen gp weeks ago. Told if he was that ill to go to a&e. He doesn’t need that, just a prescription. Complete waste of time and a lost nights sleep when I also have flu. Dreadful service

Emergency call for heart

October 25, 2018
Excellent response to call about my wife having chest pains. Ambulance to DGH Eastbourne.
Stuart Savage

Supportive and caring.

October 21, 2018
Relaxed approach from contact.

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