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It is almost impossible to see a GP

August 10, 2023
Hours waiting on hold only to be told there are NO appointments available for at least two weeks.

Almost impossible to see a GP

June 23, 2023
App reaches capacity within ½hour of opening, telephone queues astronomically long - then no appointments left. Minimum 3 week wait for a phone call with a GP, almost no hope of face to face appointments...utterly infuriating, frustrating and unacceptable. No wonder A & E get so busy!

No appointments given

April 11, 2023
Very slow at answering the phone - waited over 53 mins to be told I couldn’t get an appt for my mother after a visit to UTC, where she was told by the doctor there to make sure she had follow up with her GP in few days. Can’t get appt for love or money. Very poor service indeed.

Difficult to make contact.

January 3, 2023
St. Andrew's Surgery ( Foundry) instituted the system eConsult, so that patients could get some sort of contact with medics when they are in need. That was the idea, it seems. Unfortunately, the system appears never to be working. There is always an excuse -unprecedented levels of use, or absences of staff, etc. We are driven again to use 111, which uses not only more of our time but also, surely, that of NHS staff? All requests for attention are going through more stages, taking up more time, because Foundry is unable to do its duty by its patients.
paul newland

Fine once you get an appointment

December 9, 2022
Almost impossible to get through on the phone. I have a job so cannot sit on hold for half an hour or more in the morning. E consult gets closed early, when I did get one in, my phone appointment was for three weeks time (I was in agony for the whole period waiting, I just needed a prescription) . The system is completely broken.

e-consult closed by 09.30

December 9, 2022
I tried to complete an E-consult form at 09.30 to find the surgery was no longer taking any more forms

Cannot get an appointment

October 12, 2022
Can never contact on phone, when I go to the surgery (Ringmer) receptionist is stressed to point of abruptness still cannot access flu jab or Covid booster although I am recommended to have both

Can't get to speak or see doctors

October 12, 2022
Tried booking covid jab, flu jabs and blood test though link in text messages no appointments available happens all the time. Haven't see a doctor for over 5 years now I have given up can't even charge doctors worse service I have ever received.

Rang to arrange f-f appointment as requested

October 12, 2022
Having received a letter asking me to arrange a date to face appointment for an annual review,I rang the surgery. 9th in line with waiting time of approx 9 minutes. Got through to reception after 7 minutes. Appointment arranged. Asked about flu/covid jabs. Asked to ring late next week as they don't arrange clinics until they have meds available. Very helpful.
Anne Baker

Attitude towards mental health

April 7, 2022
i was with anchor field for years and found them very lazy in their attitude to mental health. it was difficult to get them to do anything or to refer to any other services. things might be mentioned in an appointment, but nothing would be followed up. they made many mistakes in prescriptions. since foundry is now an amalgam, there is usually at least a half hour wait to get through on the phone. i am often in the 40s in the call list. my mum is also registered with them and although she is deteriorating rapidly, they are doing nothing proactively and have refused to liaise with adult social care, saying that it all has to go through me instead (although they know i have problems myself). in all, i would avoid if possible

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