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Discharge poor!

November 11, 2016
My father fell and banged his head. The ambulance took him to A&E - 8 hour wait to discharge. Recalled the next day and more waiting. Very distressing and now will not attend hospital at all for anything.
Gilly Lewis

My Father fell

October 26, 2016
My father fell and banged his head, the ambulance was called and took him to A&E. He had an 8 hour wait and was discharged. He was recalled the next day and had more waiting and was very distressed. He will not attend hospital now at all for anything.
Gilly Lewis

Slight injury

September 22, 2016
Fantastic staff with a great attitude

Good care by all

December 21, 2015
On the 11/12/15 I went to A&E to have my foot bandaged.

I was given penicilin.

Good care by all!
John Knight

They have been verry helpful and caring.

August 7, 2015
When I had a kidney infection I was terrified every night because I did not know if I was going to wake up in the morning, but the nurses helped me through it all, they always made you feel happy even in a sad situation, The nurses at Eastbourne district general hospital are the ones that saved my life and that is something I will never forget.
When my mum was fighting for her life over breast cancer every day I had to go with her to the hospital and when I sore how much pain she was in I cried my heart out but the nurses helped me see that they are going to help her and that I need to stay strong. All I can say is a massive thank you to the AMAZING nurses an what they do for people on a daily basis.
megan blanks

A&E Eastbourne District General Hospital



Kings Drive
East Sussex
BN21 2UD


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