Boots the Chemists - Eastbourne Old Town



C/o Waitrose
The Crowne Centre, High Street
Old Town
East Sussex
BN21 1HR


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Poor communication

April 14, 2020
I use this pharmacy because it is closest to home and they are usually open until 8pm. They usually, but not always, send a text message when my regular prescription is ready. I rang them last week to check if my prescription was ready as I had not received a text. No answer - not unusual for this pharmacy and I assumed they were busy because of Covid pressure. I tried another few times that day, and later on in the week and then heard informally via a neighbour that this branch is closed and all prescriptions have been diverted to Boots Beacon Centre. I rang Boots Beacon, and yes, my prescription is there. The staff member taking my phone call was very helpful and polite, but why did she have to waste her precious time on the phone when Boots Waitrose could have both created an automatic voice mail and updated their website to inform customers? The website just says that Boots Waitrose is temporarily closed - no information about how or where to obtain prescriptions. There might well be a notice on the store shutters at the store but I didn't want to queue unnecessarily for an hour on the off chance of my prescription being there.
I know these are unusual times but it is easy to provide a time and cost effective solution by some simple communication. Instead they just add to both their own and the customers inconvenience. I put 1 star for staff attitude because members of Boots staff somewhere in the management structure has not dealt with this basic customer need.


November 8, 2019
Put in repeat prescription filling out all paperwork on 21/10/2019. On not receiving text alert when meds due, called Boots. Had to try several times as no-one answered the phone. When finally got through at 18:00 was told there were no records, which means my personal details have been lost by the pharmacy. Staff took all details and promised to request from GP and let me know. Following day unable to get answer on phone again until 13:00. Told GP surgery had said no paitient, turns out Boots staff had taken my name and birthdate incorrectly. Gave again, again promised to contact me. On third day unable to get answer, spoke to surgery again they have STILL not received request from Boots. I am now out of my anti anxiety meds, working til 20:30 today. The stress this pharmacy has caused, the confidentiality concern of my lost details, and their inability to sort this out is why I am making this complaint.

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