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Almost impossible to get an appointment.

July 26, 2022
Typically it takes 45 minutes to an hour to get through by phone, by which time all appointments have gone, even if you call bang on 8am. You can go on the emergency list but it’s pot luck as to whether you’ll actually get a call back. Receptionist attitudes vary. Doctors are usually good, but don’t always explain things fully or follow up.

Receptionists deciding who they put through!!

November 19, 2021
I have been a patient for a long time and although I have not been to the doctors in over 4 years, I recently had covid and due to my breathing conditions it hit me bad to the point I needed urgent medication. I called and got interrogated by the receptionist . I explained it was urgent and why, to be told at the end of the call "NO ONE CAN HELP YOU TODAY". Although I understand they are extremely busy (after holding on the line for over 35 minutes) when someone needs urgent medication to help them breathe this is appalling behaviour from someone who is not qualified to determine who gets to speak to a doctor and who doesn't! I called the following day and after explaining again the receptionist got the doctor to call me back, who was very lovely and agreed I needed 4 lots of medication. I don't usually leave feedback but I was so upset that the receptionist is the one who decides who gets attention and who doesn't - someone could die!!

Tried to get covid appointment

October 11, 2021
Waited 25 minutes on phone to the covid appointment line to be eventually put through reception, told to try again. This afternoon tried to ring the reception to be informed that if is an emergency to dial 999 and then cut me off. Dreadful

Pharmacy sometimes problematic to navigate.

April 13, 2021
Changed my pharmacy to East Hoathly. Much better.
Found one helpful doctor at Buxted when needing referral. After that a total fiasco. Very unpleasant experience. Finally saw private Consultant.

Ability to get through on phone.

April 8, 2021
We are told to ring at 8am to get a call back from the doctor/nurse.
When you ring you are number 50 plus in the queue!
This is totally unacceptable and has no consideration for the health, time of the person trying to get through.
It’s impossible if your working. Dangerous if it’s an emergency and leaves the elderly and vulnerable without easy access to their health care.
It means people will go to A&E and block the system there.
Doctors are reluctant to have face to face appointments.
The nurse threw away my 96 year old urine sample instead of sending it to the lab which involved 2 more trips to the surgery for me.
Receptionists can be quite aggressive in their manner.
Dr said my mother had a virus when she had heart failure.
Poor communication and website not updated.
However some doctors are excellent when you get to see them. The running of the vaccination system is good.

Excellent reception staff and fab doctors

August 11, 2015
From start to finish Buxted doctors surgery is an amazing place. Everyone is so helpful and welcoming. I recently changed to Buxted from uckfield doctors and would never go back. I always get appointment when needed and DR wright and his knowledge of depression put me on the right road. Thanks for Allways a Excellect service xx

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