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Wheelchair accessible vehicles too steep ramp

September 16, 2016
Made a formal complaint to CEO regarding the steep mechanical ramp on their vehicles. The reply was a standard response to people complaining about punctuality, which we had no problems with. I followed up the response stating the ramp was dangerous to patients as it was to their employees but no response after two months. In the winter ramps could become very slippery an they are an accident waiting to happen.

Let me down on four occasions

September 7, 2016
My complaint concerns the privatised ambulance service, which has let me down on four occasions over the last 18 months.

On the latest occasion, I had finished having an endoscopy at 3.10pm and the transport called after repeated phone calls, the time was now 5.10pm and I had to meet my family to celebrate my daughter and son-in-laws wedding anniversary at 5.30pm.

I was fortunate to hire a tail lift coach. It's an unreliable service for disabled people.
T Young

Told to get a taxi

August 17, 2016
I suffer from Myelodisplasia and have regular visits to hematology at RSCH. Last year I had hospital transport. This year I rang to book transport and was asked several questions. The last one being "Can you get in a car". My answer was "Yes, the last time I had a hospital car". Then - if you can get in a car you can get in a taxi". A taxi from Peacehaven is £17 both ways and in one week.

Absolute chaotic shambles!

May 3, 2016
In spite of "booking" in advance we waited in vain for transport to the local hospital for my mothers urgent scan, when I rang to ask what was happening I was told that they had no available vehicle in the area???
So my mothers scan didn't happen and I was left trying to explain why to a distressed anxious, elderly patient who will now have prolonged pain while waiting for a new appointment! It really isn't a service in any way shape or form.
Only given one star as form cannot be submitted with the no star rating it deserves
M Prior

Non Existent Service

April 15, 2016
I attend renal dialysis at Polegate three times a week. Until 1st April I was taken for dialysis by hospital car service. From 1st April 2016 a new company, Coperforma, has taken responsibility for getting patients to their treatment. Since this changeover the service has become non-existent. No contact can be made to drivers or head office. This non service for transport for patients no longer exists!


Patient Transport


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Thruxton Down House
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