Pebsham Surgery


01424 230399

119 Seabourne Road
Bexhill On Sea
East Sussex
TN40 2SD


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Reviews (22)

The staff were caring and professional

July 17, 2022
I have attended Pebsham GP Surgery for 6 years, and I am in awe of the professionalism shown by everyone; receptionists and medical staff alike.
Ivor Jones

Absolute negative

April 19, 2022
Never can get an appointment. Waiting for hours on the phone to find out is no place for you. Have a problem with a sharp pain in the ear. No understanding from the receptionist. Send me to A&E. Why do we need the surgery when you can not get appointments. Will be contacting health authorities.

Do they even see patients anymore?

December 7, 2021
I haven't been to the Dr in over 10 years (typical man!)

I feel I need to see a Doctor to an ongoing issue which I am really concerned about.

I am never able to get through on the phone - all I ever hear is a recorded message saying "Please do not abuse the reception staff" - in order to do that you actually need to get through...

I logged in to patient access, the next available appointment was the middle of January.

It's ridiculous and worrying. I certainly wont be going to A&E as it's not a suitable place, but this surgery has become a total joke.

Funny thing is, if you want to pay £65 for a fit to fly COVID test, you can do that the next day!

Found myself between the surgery and pharmacy

November 27, 2021
The receptionist was rude and dismissive of me. All I was asking was what to do to get my repeat prescription fulfilled bearing in mind I was out of medication

Awful. I didn't know receptionists were Drs

November 15, 2021
After 30 phone calls, I finally got through to book an appointment for my 5 year old. From the moment the call was answered, the receptionist was dismissive and rude.

I was told that I would only be allowed to have an appointment if I produced a negative PCR test. COVID was still being used as an excuse and making it as difficult as possible for patients to access their GP.

I argued to say that the PCR test wouldn't be back today if I had one, and could take up to 72 hours - the receptionist didn't care and told me that if it was that urgent, go to A&E - what terrible advice!

This surgery has gone downhill and the reception staff are giving this place a bad name.

Impossible to get an appointment

October 1, 2021
Since merging, the process of getting an appointment is so much harder.

I phone at 8am and still not successful.

0 rating in all areas of GP

May 19, 2021
Never can get an appointment with GP or nurse or you get a paramedic that can't treat you so they tell you you need to speak to a GP and they will put you on a call back with doctor for the next day i have a very mix of illnesses 1 of which is emphansemia trying to get Anti biotics to avoid hospital .
Receptionist are very rude and very un helpful i do not beleive any patient should discuss private information on any health issue at all!!!where has patient confidentiality gone i thinking of changing my GP as they have been nothing more than useless.

Great advice at this current time

April 8, 2020
I phoned to query my appointment. I was helped in a professional manner. Fantastic service as always.

Same day appointment

January 31, 2020
I managed to get a same day appointment with a paramedic practitioner - this is fantastic when you work full time and need an appointment there and then

Needed an urgent appointment

January 17, 2019
I needed an appointment for my son and was seen within the hour.

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