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Brilliant experience from start to finish

March 3, 2017
From start to finish from the moment I walked in to the moment I left I felt cared for. The receptionist was lovely, the GP I saw was very thorough & I genuinely came away feeling cared for which you can't always say so I would highly recommend this practise. Would like to add to this the waiting time was great too, no long waits & went in on time

Where are all the appointments?

February 24, 2017
They say you can book an appointment online but I've been trying since Christmas to get a non urgent appointment but whenever I log on there are never any appointments available and the website says to contact the surgery. After being in the queue on the phone for ages told that all the appointments for that day have gone and to try again in the morning. Asked for an appointment in the future and told to book that online. I'm going round and round and no closer to getting an appointment! Disgraceful level of service and they are advertising for new patients, don't bother because you'll never get to see a doctor!

Cannot get an appointment

October 13, 2016
Have been trying for over a week now to get an appointment, always told all the appointments have gone and to ring again in the morning only to be told exactly the same thing again! No wonder people end up going to A and E!

No referral?

October 11, 2016
I went to the surgery in earlier in the year to get a referral to Eastbourne Hospital for a diagnosis confirmation of my condition. I saw several Dr's and when I visited again in November saw another Dr. I have phoned the hospital but am unable to speak to anyone about this

Still waiting for appointment

September 26, 2016
I was supposed to have an appointment in DGH to try to get confirmation of a potential hereditary problem, back in February. I have never been given an appointment - have reminded GP.

Why haven't I been referred?

September 13, 2016
I didn't even know we had hydrotherapy pools in East Sussex, I wonder why my GP has never referred me? I've got AS and hydrotherapy is the only thing that helps

Pain to diagnosis

November 4, 2015
I had trouble with my knees on the Wednesday, so started to use a lift. Following Wednesday my knees were okayish, but my hips felt odd. Like there was a balloon or blister in the joint. No pain though. My doctor was puzzled. Anti-inflammatory meds and see how it goes. Next day bubbles had burst and I was in agony! Treated for bursitis. However the pain went on. My Doctor kept going, kept trying to find what was wrong. He didn't stint on the tests and I was given a diagnosis, which was a relief. Then came the medication, carefully monitored and other meds taken into account. I was never made to feel as if I was a nuisance. Thank you so much.

No appointments

September 28, 2015
I can never get an appointment

Impossible to get an appointment

May 29, 2015
Have been trying for a week now to get an appointment but each day told all the appointments have been allocated and to try again tomorrow. This is not a satisfactory way to run a practice at all.

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