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Orthopaedic ward on floor 7
August 1, 2023
I had operations in foot not bad service but not much staff to work

Compassionate staff

Accident and emergency services
May 5, 2023
I was so unwell and upset on arrival but I felt my problem was really listened to and finally got the care and treatment I needed. The nurse and doctor I saw truly made a difference to my day in the circumstances.

Sweet to maxillufallal dept

Accident and emergency services
January 27, 2023
I was assisted by two amazing young doctors. They were thorough, informative and made me feel at ease during a very difficult painful time. They were both dynamic and lighthearted which I felt was a breath of fresh air. They were both super busy but gave me their time without ever letting me know how busy they were. This was such a refreshing experience and I had a follow up yesterday and let them know how happy I was. I feel that everyone at the NHS is doing a marvelous job but these guys really made me feel I needed to give positive feedback. Well done for recruitment such a great team.
Matt read

The endoscopy service at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Gastrointestinal and Liver services
January 15, 2023
A bad one, a nightmare to have gone through.

Excellent. No complaint only one suggestion.

Gastrointestinal and Liver services
October 11, 2022
Staff very professional. They succeeded in conveying a warm & welcoming atmosphere in Endoscopy Unit (where I underwent a gastroscopy).
A suggestion: Could nurse already in treatment room before patient taken in acknowledge - rather than ignore - patient
with a ‘Good morning’, ‘Hello’ or even a smile of welcome (above the mask!). Had similar experience when having a colonoscopy a few months ago. A small point but every little helps to calm a patient’s nerves.

Stressed by cv but good

Stroke services
April 7, 2022
Seen by 6 different doctors over 6 days and given 4 different diagnosis including 'he is better sending him home''. He had unusual neurological symptoms and at the end of 3rd day of admission fell into a fatal coma. He was unconscious for 8 days before we lost him. Care at the end was excellent. He was moved to a single room and we could visit any time. Our son stayed 4 days and 4 nights at his side sleeping in a chair. Night staff were very friendly and supportive to him. I visited daily but being over 80 felt I needed to sleep at home. We all were with him as soon as he had passed. After the stress of the unknown on admission, the senior doctor in charge was exemplary when she explained on the 5th day of admission that they wished to take down the life support drips. I gave permission and my husband was moved to a single room. Care then was excellent. I appreciate that this was during tough times in the epidemic and the medical staff were so harassed it affected their responses to me. I understand that. But there were several occasions where I felt their response ignored my need to know, to visit and the prognosis was given in a cavaliere fashion by one doctor ' he may recover or he may be a vegetable'.

Endoscopy on Sunday. Excellent.

October 5, 2021
Short wait for appointment. Arrived late due transport (not their fault). Whisked straight in. Well explained. Enhanced sedation. Out to recovery. Tea and biscuits and good feedback on the report. Liased with transport. Staff outstanding. All brilliant.
Ralph Wallis

My Mother had a large stroke Friday27th Aug,

Stroke services
September 2, 2021
Stroke was full on with complete loss of left side and unable to communicate. Paramedics were amazing - arrived in minutes, Mum was in hospital in no time and being assessed, the decision made to remove a blood clot from brain. On her return from the procedure she had already regained most of her left side. Stroke ward were exceptional in their patient care getting her back to normal. Mum was home after 6 days back living almost as she was before - not bad at 85! Brilliant work by those involved
Steve Carter

Treated badly

Cancer services
June 30, 2020
My father was taken into the RSCH as he has stage 4 cancer, and to say I treat my dog better is an understatement. He was supposed to go straight to oncology but was left on a trolley in a&e for over 7 hours, when he was eventually admitted he was sent to Bristol Ward not oncology - the food he was given there was disgusting. A cheese sandwich with processed cheese and no butter, a quiche which was green when he cut into it. Also they seem unable to process and send to his GP a discharge summary??? When he was eventually discharged they forgot to give him his medication to take home! A shambles and no communication between professionals
A Caulfield

Never see a doctor

July 18, 2019
Sadly you never see a doctor - no idea what’s happened to my father. He was in for 3 weeks, asked lots of times, always a nurse - not much information after operation. No discharge letter - was sent to doctor so has held up any help as doctor no idea what’s going on. I had to call and get it sent. Staff very kind very helpful obviously incredibly overworked, poor nhs.
P danns

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