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March 20, 2024
Very disappointed with this surgery cannot get a appointment for a month. Spent two and a half hours on the phone waiting for my call to be answered without luck.

Unable to get appointment

February 10, 2024
I rang to make appointment because a pharmacist I consulted told me I needed to see a doctor ( probably UTI)
Was told no 'routine ' appts until April ( this was on 9/2) and I would have to ring first thing to try to get one sooner. Not possible, she said, to book one. This is in direct conflict with what it says about appts on their website.
I rang 111 and again was told I should see a doctor.I explained that down lands had told me I couldn't make an appointment. 111 sent my notes through and suggested I rang downland back. I did this, they had received the communication but told me there was nothing they could do.
I rang 111 back and despite the first person making notes had to go all through it again. I said that Downlands were not an option so they said a clinician would call me within 24 hours. Next day I did receive a call and was told I should go to the Urgent care centre at the DGH. This is what I did and was triaged and seen by a doctor within two hours. As thought for an infection and given antibiotics.
I explained to both the nurse and the doctor the situation with Downlands and even the nurse was shocked.
Please check out what Downlands say re appointments. It is simply not true. I and others have tried ringing and been told you are 31 on the list -just after opening! Sometimes you move up the queue slowly and are then cut off.
This cannot be right. Many people in need may just give up in frustration or as recognized at the DGH are forced to go to the Urgent Care center there.

Tried to speak to a GP

January 23, 2024
Have low oxygen levels. Used Engage Consult as can be difficult getting through on the phone. No response. Tried surgery again, they have nothing to with the Engage Consult system and was recommended to try 111. Which I did. They created a report and said they would send to Downlands and I should call within the hour and a clinician would be able to speak to me. I called and was told the report would be reviewed and someone would call. No one has. Shocking

Appalling time frame

November 30, 2023
Bloods taken, September. Results via Patients Know Best received a few days later. Red flags on several items.Call from Medical Centre, 3 months later as Dr requires patient has an appointment. Appointment for Jan ‘24. If we as patients can see something needs addressing, why has it taken nearly 6 months for the review with a Dr! Yes, we could have telephoned , but as it usually takes over an hour to get through and there are no appointments, we decided if it was necessary, someone would call us…..we didn’t envisage the timescale motto.

Will be leaving surgery after rude encounters

April 26, 2023
I was in the midst of a scary and rather uncertain heath situation. The receptionist was so rude, cold and dismissive. I called repeatedly for advice, treatment and appointments to be made to feel as if I wasn’t worth the time. Also, the ruder than you can imagine receptionist was backed by the office manager. They both insinuated that I was lying about my persistent effort to get help, rather than admit they were at fault. I felt completely failed and powerless in a really scary situation. I will be changing to another surgery.

Doctor great, everything else not so

January 26, 2023
Saw a Dr. on one occasion and they were really lovely. Keep getting prescription wrong, no answer to email and apparently engage consultant doesn't deal with prescriptions. Receptionist then told family member with learning difficulties that they can ring 111 to get medication, when the person cannot even make a phone call on their own! Have given up trying to get through on the phone; was told to ring for an appointment but there is no point as you can’t get through and if you do, there are no appointments left

Poor communication……..

December 22, 2022
After dropping off a “sample” I asked the receptionist when would I hear. I was told the nurse would check it and then possibly send to the lab at the hospital. Nothing heard for 3 days. I happened to look at my details on the NHS app, to find antibiotics were prescribed the day the sample was left. If I were not it literate, how would I ever know. I feel this is really bad as I deliberately did not call the surgery as I know they are busy. Obviously I need antibiotics, so how long would I wait. If I were elderly, I’d never know and be in pain.

Impossible to contact

December 21, 2022
Not sure what's happened to this surgery. It's now absolutely impossible to contact via the phone. My Mum rang last week and was on hold for over an hour. She gave up in the end. This gets charged at premium rate on her phone bill. Goodness knows how much that call last week will have cost her? She had a query in regards her repeat prescription. I thought I'd help and ask a question on her behalf via Engage consult, only to be told they don't deal with prescription requests that way. I also tried to ring the surgery, only to hear on the recorded message that they don't deal with prescription requests over the phone either. Not sure what patients are supposed to do then? I also emailed the surgery, but have had zero response. Absolutely appalling. It appears that my Mum is now going to run out of vital medication on Christmas Day because of the lack of communication. If Downlands have been taken over by Victoria medical centre, then patients should have been told.

lack of communication

October 5, 2022
not getting any follow up from the consultants letters that are sent to them requesting blood tests, medication, appointments etc etc. We always have to chase them up.


March 16, 2021
Reception staff are rude and not helpful.

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