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Follow up appointment in Fracture Clinic

July 5, 2024
Taken ahead of time for appointment.
Patricia Hann

Long and arduous seven hour wait in A and E

Accident and emergency services
June 30, 2024
I had a wait time in A and E of 7 hours (from 10pm till 5am) and when I finally saw a doctor, it was a very rushed consultation of about 4 minutes (though I realise she would have spent a bit of time studying my xray) but no real advice was given of how to manage my broken wrist when I got home. It all felt very rushed. An appt was made at the Fracture Clinic for 2 July, which was over ten days away but on the Monday, two days after my visit, I was in a lot of pain and concerned something was wrong so I rang the Fracture Clinic, who kindly fitted me in that morning. The nurses and doctor were so kind and reassuring, such a different experience from A and E! Maybe if I’d have been given an advice sheet about how to manage the wrist I could have avoided the trip to the Fracture Clinic?

During my long wait in A and E, around 2am, I started to feel unwell (light headed and feeling like I might pass out) and I was struggling to remain sitting upright, so asked at reception if I could lay down somewhere because at that time there was going to be at least another two hour wait (as it turned out, it was to be another three hours). I was told because I “only had a wrist injury” and all beds in A and E were full, they couldn't help me, but when I got through to the treatment area, there were actually several empty beds.

I realise everyone was in the same position and I didn't expect any preferential treatment but I am 67, quite frail and suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, and I have a sensitivity to bright nights. I also find it difficult to sit upright for more than half hour and need to support my neck, but the receptionists had no sympathy for my situation. In the end I went outside to the car park and sat in my friend’s car for two hours so I could rest back. I got very cold in the car but at least was away from the bright lights of the waiting area and could lay back in the car. I had to come back in before I was called as the receptionist said a doctor would not call me from the car park, despite a nurse telling me I would be ok to sit in the car and the doctor would call me from there!

When I enquired at reception how many doctors were on shift, I was told 5, which surprised me given the long wait we were all experiencing. I was told, rather dismissively that it’s a Friday evening and the long wait time isn’t at all unusual.

I've been to A and E at the Conquest quite a lot over the years, but this was the worst experience I have ever had, and the longest wait. I think I was triaged within an hour and a half and my x Ray was done quite quickly afterwards. The triage nurse was very nice and empathic and the X-ray staff kind, but the long wait to see a doctor was long and draining, both physically and mentally.

Hip replacement - after a bit of a long wait,

January 29, 2024
I had hip trouble develop about 18 months ago, self-referred for physio, 3 month wait then finally seen and likely replacement requirement was identified. However, then had to wait months to be gradually escalated to senior then more senior physio before I could be officially put forward for surgery. An interim cortisone injection was no help. After about 12 months I had a call giving me a January 2024 date. Underwent this at the Conquest. All staff, whatever seniority, were attentive, professional and friendly. I am not in a position to judge their medical competence but a week after surgery I am already feeling much better and entirely satisfied.
Alan Taylor

Reply from Conquest Hospital

We were pleased to learn that after a long wait you have now had the hip replacement that you needed. We were reassured that you felt confident in the care you received and that all the staff you encountered were attentive to your needs.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and please be assured that we will share this with the team involved. We do hope you are making progress following your recent operation.

Provider responded

Visited A&E with stomach pains. Very quick.

Accident and emergency services
December 1, 2023
I was seen very quickly in triage. A doctor saw me within a few minutes. Blood tests taken and sent for a scan. Diagnosed with large prostate. Hernia and bladder stones. Referred to a consultant. Waiting for admission for an operation to removed prostate and bladder stones. An appointment arranged to see a consultant in January 2024.
Michael John Walker

Reply from Conquest Hospital

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with such lovely feedback following your attendance to our Emergency Department at Conquest Hospital. We are pleased to learn that you were seen in a timely manner and your condition was diagnosed promptly, as we realise this will have been concerning. We hope that your upcoming appointment / surgery goes well and will ensure that your comments are relayed to the team in the Emergency Department.

Provider responded

Shocking experience at Murray Ward

Murray Ward
November 30, 2023
I was sent (note sent, not chose) to this ward by my GP. Something felt off from the start. Upon checking in, I was told to take a seat, with no information of what would happen next. I sat waiting in a very small area with several other patients, all equally unsure of what was happening.
I witnessed staff repeatedly knocking on doors, waiting for a response. This was endless, God only knows how much time was spent knocking and waiting. Surely there's a better, more productive way?
No one seemed to have any idea where anyone else was (staff/patients) and which room they were in.
Please remember NHS, without patients, you have no job. Patients are people and deserve to be treated better than this, it was like a cattle market! The staff were robotic and it felt like patient care had gone a long time ago.
The actual consultation with the doctor was appalling. Extensive questioning about how many children I have, even though I'd already explained to a nurse earlier about my 'pregnancy history', and complete lack of it. Completely insensitive! The same information being taken multiple times, but clearly not being read by staff, as the same questions asked repeatedly. No interpersonal skills at what was a very intimate examination. Then left alone in a room to get dressed with no idea of what to do next or where to go. Zero communication.
I was fortunate. There was a nurse walking past the room who I was able to ask what was happening. Between us, we managed to get the doctor to communicate, something that should have happened with out being prompted. The sad thing is that the doctor was able to communicate, so clearly thought it was acceptable not to previously.
After this experience, I can see that may be one of the reasons patients are exhibiting 'abusive' behaviours, is because they are being provoked by appalling levels of care and staff behaviours.
A sad day. Stay well everyone!

Reply from Conquest Hospital

We were saddened to learn of your experience, as all patients should feel well cared for during their appointments, confident in the care they are receiving and that staff are responsive to their needs and we apologise that this was not your experience. This has been shared with the Divisional Director of Operations for Women, Childrens and Sexual Health, who acknowledges that the layout/area is not ideal and wishes to assure you that we are working on an alternative plan with our Estates Team. It is equally disappointing that your experience was compounded by the manner of the doctor, which has been shared with the Speciality Lead for Obstetrics and Gynaecology, as we would expect staff to show respect and compassion in line with our core values and we also place great emphasis on the need for good communication. We apologise that this not reflected during your attendance. Should you wish to discuss this matter further, please contact our Patient Experience Team, on 0300 131 5309 or email, who will assist you with this.

Provider responded

Birthed our baby

October 25, 2023
Staff very attentive, caring, informative and supportive.

Reply from Conquest Hospital

Thank you for sharing your positive experience regarding the birth of your baby. We are pleased to hear that staff were attentive, caring, informative and supportive to you and wish to congratulate you on your new arrival. Your lovely comments will be shared with the Maternity Team.

Provider responded

A positive, supportive and friendly experience

August 26, 2023
I have recently delivered at conquest hospital. The midwives were all amazingly supportive and respected my wishes. They were fully informative when my birth moved away from what I was hoping for but at no point did I feel scared or worried. My midwife and the matron were amazing in supporting me, my partner and my baby. I can’t thank you enough. I even got a visit the next morning from the deputy head of midwifery, who sat and spoke with me and genuinely cared about my experience and how the unit could improve. Her support for the midwives and doctors is evident in our talk and this made me feel even more in safe hands. Thank you all.

Reply from Conquest Hospital

Thank you for providing such heartfelt feedback following the birth of your baby. We realise that it will have been concerning when your birth plan changed but were pleased to read that you were kept fully informed, felt reassured and supported throughout your delivery. We will ensure your lovely comments are relayed to the Midwifery Team and wish you and your family all the best for the future.

Provider responded

long waits but good care

Accident and emergency services
August 17, 2023
waited 5 hours

Reply from Conquest Hospital

Thank you for you taking the time to feedback your experience when attending the Emergency Department. Whilst we were pleased that you were happy with the care you received, we are sorry that you had an extended waiting time, as this is not what we would wish.

Provider responded

I am very happy with the service

Accident and emergency services
August 1, 2023
I was in the most ward and I am very happy only problem is because over load work they couldn’t make everyone happy

Reply from Conquest Hospital

Thank for you providing feedback following your attendance to our Emergency Department. We were pleased to learn that you were happy with the care you received and will ensure your kind words are shared with the team in the Emergency Department.

Provider responded

Horrendous have had to visit twice

Accident and emergency services
April 29, 2023
Both visits waited over 12 hours on one occasion for a baby who was very ill and today my poor sister there over ten hours with possible kidney stones/infection in terrible pain

Reply from Conquest Hospital

Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback about your experiences when attending the Emergency Department (ED) at Conquest Hospital, firstly with your baby and more recently with your sister. We are sorry to learn of the delays you encountered on both occasions, as staff endeavour to see patients in a timely manner. As you may be aware, ED's up and down the country are seeing ever increasing numbers of patients attending for a wider range of illnesses and injuries, and the rate of attendances can be unpredictable which means there are times when the wait to be seen can be a great deal longer than we would hope for. We apologise for this and very much hope that your baby and sister were able to get their symptoms reviewed and are now well again in their health. If you would like to discuss this matter further with a member of the Patient Experience Team, then please contact 0300 131 5309 or email

Provider responded
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