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phone system and communication is a joke

June 7, 2021
my elderly mother was taken to the conquest by ambulance following a fall, trying to do something as simple as trying to get an update on how she was was a nightmare, went back to the stupid switchboard system 5 times, nobody at the conquest had a clue where she was, took 45 minutes on the phone to eventually get an update, had a similar situation the following morning trying to locate her. complete joke and unnecessarily stressful.
this morning is even worse as nobody on the switchboard is even bothering to answer.
shame you can't give zero stars as this service does not even warrant 1 star.

Unbelievable delays on phoning in

March 12, 2021
Having centralised calls increases delays to getting through, especially during an emergency, or when you try and call back to actually speak to someone about your care.
Lowering costs is one thing, but when you decimate each hospital one by one, and strip it bare, you are just creating a problem for everyone, not just patients.

Can’t fault service.

September 25, 2020
Only problem is getting through on the phone ,sometimes .
Holly Robards

Very poor no answer on NHS switchboard

September 10, 2020
Couldn’t get through on any of the numbers published on websites no email working either. How do you get through to these departments ?

An empty A & E and still waited for 6 hours

June 28, 2020
I walked into A&E without being checked for potential Covid signs. I noticed lots of staff without PPE or even just gloves or a mask. I explained I am autistic, this was not communicated to the staff and no reasonable adjustments were made. Despite A & E being empty, I was there for 6 hours, including waiting for 3 hours for a blood test result. The staff ignored me, even when directly addressed. After 6 hours I told them I was leaving as I was getting really distressed, and then all of a sudden my blood tests results materialised, and so did the doctor. To top it off, the letter sent to my GP gave the wrong diagnosis (just like the last time). Apparently not uncommon. A very distressing experience and there was no excuse for the waiting times or the attitude of the staff. A similar experience happened last year, when I was there for over 8 hours, without any care despite having a potentially life-threatening condition. Again the lack of care from the staff was shocking.

Frailty Clinic

January 27, 2020
I was given an appointment to attend the frailty clinic at the Conquest hospital in Hastings. I had never heard of the clinic, nor had any of my friends. However, I had once attended A&E and assumed this is how I was discovered.

I attended and was almost seen immediately by an extremely professional "Frailty Practitioner", the consultation lasting well over an hour. Most people would be prepared to be treated at home, rather than in hospital if this were possible - by doing this, hundreds of beds would become available and thousands of pounds saved.

We hear such adverse reports of the NHS - why has a scheme such as this not been given publicity?
P Pein

Very poor use of time and money

December 9, 2019
After surgery, waited 4 weeks to visit consultant and find out the results of the surgery. The result was that after 4 weeks waiting, they looked at the notes and referred to another department with another 4 week wait. The consultant who wrote the notes at the time of surgery would have known that the next step was a referral to a second department and should have actioned this immediately rather than wasting a registrar and health assistants time, and the patient and relatives attending hospital, all to read the notes and say, you need to see someone else.

Long wait for follow up appointment

August 19, 2019
Saw neurologist in April. MRI end of May. Had to chase appt for NCT which delayed this appointment by another 6 weeks. Still no communication with results despite my request. Promised follow up appointment in September after numerous phone calls but received letter with appointment for November which is 7 months after first consultation. Really not good enough & very frustrating. Secretary said that I haven't been forgotten but it certainly feels like it.

Grandson birth

June 19, 2019
Very bad

Reply from Conquest Hospital

Thank you for taking the time to leave us some feedback about the birth of your grandson at Conquest Hospital; we do appreciate it. First and foremost, please accept our belated congratulations on the birth of your grandson. We hope he is thriving and growing well, and will bring you and your family, particularly his parents, many years of happiness and memory making.

However, as a proud and responsible healthcare provider, we are very concerned that you have commented on the Trust being very bad, and would welcome the opportunity to both learn more about your experience and find out where we can learn from what happened. If you feel able to contact to us and have not already done so, our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) can take some details from you or your grandson’s parents, and arrange for someone senior to contact you. PALS can be reached by email at or you can call them on 01424 758090.

The Trust is committed to providing a high and responsive standard of care to all patients, no matter how old or very young they may be, and we are very sorry if you, your grandson or his parents have had an experience of care that has fallen short of the usual standards. Please accept our apologies for any concern or distress caused to you. We wish you, your beautiful grandson and your wider family all the very best for the future, and look forward to hearing from you or your grandson’s parents in due course so we can discuss what happened and see what we need to do differently in future.

Provider responded

Cancelled Appointment

August 20, 2018
6 month follow up appointment cancelled at the last minute, I had already had Blood tests & scans ready for my consultant to review my condition.

Telephoned to enquire when my appointment would be - re arranged after 7 minutes waiting on the telephone. The Secretary said she would look into it and get back to me. When she rang back was informed that the next available appointment was December - another 4 months. I was asked if i would like a telephone appointment, i said yes if he has time to ring me, I would come to the DR's office and he can telephone me. Awaiting another call HELP (Not making a complaint yet)
G Lane

Reply from Conquest Hospital

Thank you for taking the time to leave some feedback about the difficulties you have experienced in obtaining a follow up appointment at Conquest Hospital; the Trust is both concerned and very sorry to read of your experience, and wishes to offer its sincere apologies for the obvious worry and distress this matter has caused you, as this is not the standard of care we wish our patients to have. We want patients to access timely care and to be treated with kindness, compassion, dignity and respect, and are disappointed this has not been your experience.

The Trust very much hopes you have now had your follow up appointment, either by telephone or face-to-face but if not, then please contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) in the first instance by email at or by calling 01424 758090 so that staff can assist you.

Additionally, we would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your experience and see where we can improve the service for patients. If you would be happy to provide us with further details of what happened, then please contact PALS and they will ensure this is shared with staff for review and action. The Trust also hopes your health was not adversely affected by the delays you encountered, and that any follow up care or treatment required has now been provided or is planned for you, and wishes you all the very best in your current and future good health.

Provider responded

Conquest Hospital


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