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Service very good when you are seen !

July 18, 2022
It is most difficult to get a Face to Face appointment . Waiting lists are very long. Staff are most helpful and kind in these difficult times.
Ros Heaney

Never any appointments

July 12, 2022
My wife received a call from the surgery that they were unable to prescribe one of her medications and she needed to make an appointment with a GP to discuss the issue. I waited on the phone for 40 minutes only to be told that there were no appointments - this was 40 minutes after opening! My wife called back later on the same day - as advised - when further appointments would become available, only to be told after waiting on hold for ages that once again they had no appointments and to call back after the weekend. Four days after the original prescription had been requested and after another 40 minute wait immediately after the surgery had opened, I was once again told that there were no appointments and I should call back later. I advised the receptionist that this issue was now urgent as my wife was running out of medication and all she could say was call back later. I contested that if I called back later I would be given the same response that all the appointments had gone. I questioned why the surgery was able to call my wife to tell her she needed to make an appointment, but wasn't actually able to make the appointment. I was told to call back later. I asked when I could call when I would actually be able to get an appointment and the receptionist said she couldn't guarantee anything. I told her that I could guarantee that if my wife ran out of medication she would start to suffer withdrawal symptoms. I was told to call back later!

Poor service

May 10, 2022
My wife phone for an appointment. She took the option of someone will ring back. Next time she spoke to the receptionist and complained that no one rang back. She was told the message needs changing and they are working on it
Baldev soni


April 7, 2022
I find they are getting better but still Lack of appointment and time to answer the phone

Phone call back

February 18, 2022
I phoned to ask for some advice and was told I was number 34 in the queue to speak to someone. I was offered a ring back when I got to number 1 in the queue. Although the system to allow this is difficult to use, I did get a phone call back, and was able to make an appointment

Excellent Service

January 4, 2022
I am always the first to grumble but I am delighted with the service I received today despite it being after a long weekend plus all the usual issues with COVID. The receptionist couldn’t have been more understanding and a GP phoned me very quickly and really listened to my concerns. Thank you - I feel very reassured.
Jane Welsman

Reply from Havens Health / Meridian Surgery

We are thankful of your positive comments and will pass them onto the relevant teams.

Provider responded

Disorganised, rudderless, hopeless - I could

August 4, 2021
After redialing the contact number 177 times, then sufferings 20 minutes on hold to be told "no appointments phone at 2pm" when I just needed a GP to actually do their job and actually look at a blood test. They had obviously glanced at it and missed an important item further in. Finally got the person to "Task" the GP concerned. Nothing... Phone next day (repeat above telephone experience) to be told, "no, no tasking registered". Text received today along the lines of "whoops, your right, sorry about that"... This is not good enough and, unfortunately not unusual. I had a long conversation with the practice manager just under five months ago and was assured "things would get better". Today nothing has got better, worse but not better. Just how long do we have to wait until we have a surgery that is fit for purpose? It most definitely not fit for purpose now.

"Action plan" not happening.

August 3, 2021
I share the experience and views of all the posters here. But on top of that is the concern that absolutely nothing is happening to put it right. The Commissioning Group released a statement in December 2020 welcoming the new (non existent) telephone system.

Disgusted waited 3 weeks for phone call

July 22, 2021
Whilst having blood test nurse noticed bumps on top of head took photos to send to doctor waited over three weeks for phone call to be told THINKS lump could be cancerous(didn’t ask me to come in to check) just prescribed some cream.Surely they can’t be that busy absolutely disgusted.

Neglected patients

July 9, 2021
We ended up in a&e after 4 weeks of trying to get treatment at this surgery for a problem that they could have dealt with. There telephone manner is rude and totally inadequate. They blatantly refused to help us and just kept saying try tomorrow despite us saying it was an emergency.

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