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Been trying for 3 weeks to get appointment

September 17, 2020
Since merging can’t get through by phone at all - if you go in to surgery they tell you to go away and phone up for appointment!!


September 16, 2020
I have been trying for 3 days just to get through the phone just keeps ringing then I get cut off
Sandra Rolf

Unable to get help with an urgent problem

September 15, 2020
Today the phone lines were down. After 5 hours trying to get through, I tried the results number. This was answered straight away but I got a lecture and was told that I was only able to get an appointment because the receptionist picking up the call was nice unlike the other receptionists(her words!). The Dr called me back and told me to take my son immediately to A&E for a potential medical emergency.,,5.5 hours after I first tried to call today!

Tried all day today could not get through

September 15, 2020
Saw nurse yesterday, had blood tests, was told today doctor would be calling me, no call back. My symptons worse today, tried all day to get through for advice/results, just rings then cuts off, it is a worry not heing able to get through

Dreadful Service

September 15, 2020
I’ve been with Meridian for years and seen it gradually going downhill, can’t get any worse now. No appointments, when you do get through which can take an hour or more. The only way is the online form but I waited 2 days for a call back. One of the doctors left a prescription unauthorised and wasn’t in the next day, the receptionist said she would pass it to another doctor that day(It’s now been nearly 2 weeks without any and I’m now in pain without them and still no message from Well Pharmacy to say ready to pick up, never would have thought the service would be so bad.Thinking about changing doctors but don’t know if they are all this bad l.

Attitude & errors of some reception staff

September 14, 2020
After being on the phone 20minutes speaking to reception to book an appointment, I turned up for my blood test which had not been booked onto system. They did try to accommodate this but the person who tried to take my blood did not seem confident and was unsuccessful after trying 3 times.
Another appointment was booked and bloods accessed quickly despite other issues that I will cover below but I received a text to say my bloods were not received in time at the lab so I need to now go to the hospital to repeat the test. I was asked to speak with the doctor. I missed a call from the Doctor because my mobile blocked the Private number which it has not done previously.

I rang back and after holding on for about 16 minutes I got through to very rude receptionist.

I explained the situation for her to say in a smug tone' well you've missed your call'.

I have done this job myself in a private hospital also dealing with NHS patients and would never speak to a patient like she did.

I said how dissapointed and fed up I am so far with my experience in trying to get my blood tests done and how it made me feel like I can't be bothered to have my tests done but all she could say was ' is there anything else you want me to note?' No empathy, just rude. I have never had any problems with Rowe Avenue but Meridian so far is another matter.

I have since spoken to the Doctor and also expressed my concerns. When I had my bloods done the nurse didn't even check the paperwork as it stated 5 blue tubes,1 gold,1 purple. The nurse picked up 1 of each. When I said this wasn't correct she said 'well they can do 3 tests from one tube', i said it was on the form and she said 'oh yes,  you are right'. 

Now I've been told some of my results were received too late so I have to get them done again but this time at the RSCH.

I am not a complainer, but if standards are poor then you need to know to address them.

Very upset and dissapointed 

Appalling service, you cannot get through whe

September 14, 2020
I’ve tried calling the meridian doctors many times like many more people, you cannot get through, or you get a automated recording. Many people are having problems trying to get appointment s this needs to be sorted asap before a life is lost, as people are getting told not to call 111 or 999 what are you supposed to do?
C Towers

You can’t get through on the phone

September 8, 2020
It took me 5 weeks to get an appointment. You can’t make contact on the phone at all
. Last on hold 23 minutes and then cut off.
Euly Moore

Never get appointment and trouble getting med

September 4, 2020
Lots of issues

Trying to get an appointment is a joke.

August 30, 2020
Unable to get an appointment after multiple attempts trying. Used the E-Consult form that they recommended using. A reply came back saying that the doctor will contact me within 36 hours.
Still waiting after 3 days ...........

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