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Too much demand not enough capacity

October 22, 2020
Can take over 100 plus calls to not get a busy tone and when you do get through you’re on hold for ages again, when you finally speak to someone most of the time apt have gone. The reception and telephone staff are great, but obviously very stretched and over worked and probably deal with abuse that’s out of their control. Having 1 GP practice for the population size is ridiculous. Things have got significantly worse since the merger and what I can guessing is a havens GP network collaboration. This has to be addressed as a matter of urgency or else people will fall through the cracks and it will impact patient care- especially for the elderly or vulnerable who don’t have access to e consult S1 etc and also for the welfare of the practice reception staff.

No appointments , can never get through

October 22, 2020
They have too many patients and cannot provide any level of decent service . It’s is appalling . Never ably your get through on phone , if you do there is such a long message that as the caller you are paying for . Now the web site , consulting on line is not even working .
Something drastically needs to be done ! This is why people go to A&E for trivial things , they are just frustrated

No callback - again .....

October 21, 2020
Its practically impossible to get through to this surgery on the phone - at any time.
They push you to use the e-consult facility instead. I have used e-consult 4 times now (not by choice- believe me), and twice now they have not responded within the promised timeline. This is extremely annoying because You have to stay by the phone for when they deign to call (if at all). It also extends the time you're waiting for treatment.
If they promise to phone back within a stated time,then they should.
This practice is fast becoming a joke.....


October 15, 2020
The inability to get an appointment, 137 call to be told to call back in the afternoon. Called back and no appointment. The surgery is unable to cope with the patient volume, this is unsafe and patients including my husband now has to inappropriately present to A&E.
Annette Gericke

Useless Service - where to next?

October 7, 2020
With the two surgeries in Peacehaven now merged things have gone from bad to worse and are getting even worse by the week. I had an appointment today made by myself this morning, but when I arrived I was very rudely informed that I was late! There is no way I was late because the time they stated my appointment was, was the time I called. I have also spend a long time discussing an earlier complaint with one of the partners, but he failed to record any of the conversation an hasn't done anything we agreed. I have therefore been accused of lying by the receptionists. I also find it extremely confusing that the admin staff are not allowed to give their names. I have never heard anything so stupid.

Over subscribed surgery

October 5, 2020
Auto renewal prescription service is no longer available, unfortunately I wasn’t told this until I went to collect my prescription on Saturday. Luckily the pharmacist gave me an emergency prescription of 4 tablet (costing me £5!).
My prescription is for cannot be suddenly withdrawn.
I feel as if LDC care more about squeezing as many people into Peacehaven and Telscombe than the health and wellbeing of it’s residents. Luckily my mental health has been stable for sometime due to my regular medication, but if I think back to when I was in crisis I was in a very dark place, and it was due to the care I received from Rowe Avenue surgery that I am here today. My heart goes out to anyone that may be in that place today as trying to get an appointment to see a doctor at this practice takes great resilience....something that is lacking when depressed or anxious. has an urgent mental health helpline I would strongly recommend this whilst waiting for an appointment.

Above and beyond

October 2, 2020
Despite there being an issue with the online system with me being unable to access their web page and e consult, I had to call as need a new prescription for blood thinners.
I was Rowe Avenue patient and could still see on their web page that I had to make an appointment for repeat of this medication which I haven't needed to do before.
Mandy on reception was amazing and arranged for my prescription and as my husband had the same problem with online, she referred his prescription request to the Doctor.
Sounded a lovely lady and nothing seemed too much trouble
Julie Collings

Unable to access online

October 1, 2020
My daughter works for a GP practise so it is difficult for her to call and get her blood and stool results. She tried calling today and was on hold for one hour, she wanted to complete e consult but couldn't as was told the page was not available. She contacted myself who tried accessing the app which is also not available. Why so many problems with this surgery. I was with Rowe Surgery for nearly 30 years and never experienced such ridiculous problems.

Good experience

September 30, 2020
Despite the teething struggles of joining 2 surgeries together, coronavirus & difficulty nationally with finding GP’s because of the government, they have been more than helpful with my problems. A lot of information was requested from another source about me. It was emailed to me promptly but, the email was too big to forward. A quick note dropped off at the surgery & they sent it direct to where it needed to be. The e consult form is fab & have had calls back when needed. All surgeries have good & bad but, on the whole, I would highly recommend this surgery
Ginette Stride

Phone lines constantly engaged

September 30, 2020
I needed an emergency appointment on Monday - I rang all day Monday and Tuesday... phone constantly engaged - eventually went down to the surgery only to be told that they can only take appointments by phone ..... except that the phone never gets answered!!

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