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Good in the past, but service now is poor.

December 22, 2020
I've been registered with the surgery for more than 20 years. It's slowly gone downhill in recent years, the care when you get it is fine, but the biggest problem now is getting an appointment to get the care you need. When there was a walk in surgery, you could be seen on the day, now the only way to get an appointment is by phone which I've found means staying on hold for ages only to be cut off after 20 minutes. I tried using systmonline last week, where I've made an appointment before, only to find that option has been removed without notice. I understand with Covid 19 the surgery will be busier, but if this is the case, then it needs to be communicated better. My wife and I were sent a text from the surgery for a flu jab, which we would like to have, but I have been unable to get through to the surgery. I will probably try to find a pharmacist instead for the flu jab. An urgent review needed to sort this out.

Lack of health care

December 22, 2020
Since Rowe avenue surgery joined Meridian surgery it’s been a nightmare just to get through on the telephone when you do get through the reception staff do try and meet your needs

Difficulty getting prescription

December 22, 2020
My 90 year old mother has had difficulty getting eye gel prescription which was prescribed by Eye Hospital. She was with Rowe Avenue surgery for over 40 years. No letter sent to patients telling them of merger. She held on the phone for over 20 minutes tried for days to get through.
Goodness knows how they are going to sort out covid vaccine.

The worst surgery I have ever encountered....

December 22, 2020
I am a carer for an elderly gentleman with cancer and other many mistakes made with the staff at the surgery. My own experience....prescriptions late in coming through, staff who are under pressure and access to Dr's....phones not answered.

Good Service

December 22, 2020
Reading the complaints, I don't know whether I have just been lucky or you only have people on here who have had a bad experience. In the last 3 weeks, I've had three blood tests and one ECG. I have had to ring surgery three times and got through each time. The doctor/nurses have rung when they said they would. The only reason I haven't put 5 stars is that my husband tried to call this morning, but got a message saying no calls being taken.

Unable to get an appointment -no service

December 22, 2020
I have been trying to get an appointment for weeks now as my daughter is suffering from an ongoing issue that we need to speak to a Dr about. This is the pattern, we are told to call at 8.00, after finally getting through following a 30 mnute wait the receptionist says there are no appointments call at 2.00. I call at 2.00 only to find the phone is just not answered. I repeat call for 20 times and there is no response. Again the next morning I call at 8.00 only to find the same cycle, I am told no appointments, call at 2.00, and at 2.00 there are again no appointments call at 8.00. This surgery is becoming ludicrous. I am extremely concerned that they are unable to provide even a minimum health service for this area. The merger of the surgeries has led to no service whatsoever and it is putting lives at risk. I strongly believe there needs to be an urgent quality review and audit of what is being provided by this surgery, against what they are being paid by the CCG. Failing surgeries should either be put under special measures and if there's no improvement new management should be installed.
Liza Tong

Absolutely appalling

December 18, 2020
318 attempts to get through to make an appt, you must start calling at 8am to have any chance. Then they send a letter asking to make an appointment, phoned at 2pm as suggested and no appointments available despite the book only opening at 2pm. Its impossible. You have to take time off work just to try and make an appointment. The practice manager is never on hand leaving staff answering the phones to deal with the problems, I have been told by one that they actually dread going to work. I for one have given up and will take a day off work to register elsewhere. I suggested that instead of writing to ask you to make an appointment that they make it and then advise, I was told by the receptionist that they they can't influence change. No one is listening to the concerns or offering advice.

Unable to access GP healthcare

November 27, 2020
Impossible to access GP, phones are never answered, e-consult has been taken down and systemone shows no available appointments until foreseeable future. People have daily health needs, something needs to be done urgently to rectify this appalling situation. This is utterly unacceptable. No care is being offered here at the moment.

No one answers the phones

November 19, 2020
I have tried so many times to phone to talk to someone about a ear infection, but can never get through, so many people are having the same problem

Awful service

November 19, 2020
I injured my ribs and I was in constant pain, it was difficult to move or breath. I filled the e-consult form (Wednesday am) and I was told that I will be contacted before Thursday 6.30pm. I called the surgery once to see if there was a way of speeding up the process because I was in a lot of pain. After 30 minutes on hold a receptionist said it was impossible. I didn't receive any call/email/text by time I had been told in the e-consult, so on Friday morning I rang the surgery again. I was told they couldn't do anything, the e-consult was placed in a queue and I had to wait. I explained about the pain but the receptionist said there was nothing she could do and literally hang up the phone on me.
Saturday I was feeling extremely bad, the ribs were very painful, I was breathless and my arm was swollen. I contacted NHS 111 who referred me to A&E.
In hospital I was seen very quick, and they were surprised at the way I was treated by the GP. The pain on my ribs was making difficult for me to breath or to move which is why the arm was swollen.
This could have been avoided or speed up if the GP had seen me within the time frame I was told. I was three days in pain waiting for a phone call that never happened.

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