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13 days into 20 of radiotherapy for prostate

March 24, 2020
Staff friendly, caring and professional. Handled adjustments in waiting arrangements for COVID-19 efficiently and sympathetically

Outpatients telephone appointment-Gastrointestinal and Liver Services

March 19, 2020
Had a phone appointment with nurse practitioner instead of annual visit to outpatients (Gastroenterology).
I was expecting it to simply not happen due to COVID-19, but she rang within 15 mins of arranged time. A four minute phone call which covered everything we needed to discuss. Action agreed at end of call. It was great. So time and cost effective. Might not be right for everyone who really needs to be seen/have a proper examination, but this was perfectly suited to a simple review of someone with a well controlled condition. Since my condition was diagnosed and treated, I've felt far too well to deserve a face to face appointment at the hospital.

Excellent care all round.

September 11, 2019
Monday 9th September, Early (07.15am) I looked up on the appointments app for an appointment with my own doctor at Seaford Health Center, Dane Road. Mananged an appointment for 10am. Went for the appointment and was seen promptly by the doctor, sent for an ECG and was told to attend A&E in Eastbourne, given letter to take with me. When arriving at reception at A&E at EDGH my details were taken and I was promptly sent to Triage. When finished I was whisked up to Ambulatory Care. From there everything went like clock work. Seen by a nurse for my details etc, they must keep asking for your details. Then seen by a doctor who wanted another ECG and Blood Test. An examination then was done by the Doctor. Then a male nurse in attendance going through my history and asking more questions. Another ECG followed by another Blood Test. I was then later motored down to the XRay Department for a number of XRays. Back to the ward. after 6 hours another ECG and then Blood Test. Spoken to and asked more questions by a Doctor. Another doctor came and asked more details and told me that I would receive a letter for another scan at a future date. I received a meal at 5pm which in hostpital standards was above and beyond good. I put the hospital in the Excellent bracket. All the doctors, nurses and other staff were worth there weight in gold. 6.30pm discharged home. From the beginning of the day to the end of the day the service from the NHS was EXCELLENT. Thankyou NHS for your caring.
Bill Purcell

Father took in after hydrocephalus operations

July 18, 2019
After brain op took in to a and e then this ward for 24 hours. Incontinent. Helpful doctor and nurse but no assistance available for adult social care on release. I had to ask for some incontinent pads - given 3 (he was fine before op). Felt very vulnerable, literally just discharged after we were waiting 7 hours to see adult social care who could not even come.
Natalie worrall

Reply from Eastbourne District General Hospital

Dear Natalie,

Thank you for taking the time to leave some feedback relating to the experience of care and treatment provided to your father at Eastbourne District General Hospital; we do appreciate it. The Trust works hard to provide a high and response standard of care for all patients, and we are pleased to read that you found the doctor and nurse you dealt with were helpful as this underpins of commitment to care. However, it is disappointing to read that you had to request some incontinence products as the dignity of, and respect towards, patients is a key care value. We apologise for this, and for any undue distress caused to you and your father

It is also disheartening to read that Adult Social Care (ASC) did not provide the assistance you were hoping for following your father’s discharge from hospital. Unfortunately we do not manage ASC but if you would like to discuss your concerns with them about their intervention following your father’s discharge from hospital, then you can email them at or you can telephone them on 01273 481 242.

We very much hope your father is recovering well, and that both he and his family are receiving the help and support needed to facilitate this. We send you all our very best wishes.

Provider responded

GP Referral

June 27, 2019
I was referred by my GP, however, was referred back as I live outside the post code area.

Reply from Eastbourne District General Hospital

Thank you for taking the time to leave some feedback about Eastbourne District General Hospital following the referral made by your GP; we are sorry to read that the referral was declined, and apologise for any unnecessary upset caused by this. We hope your GP has been able to refer you on to an appropriate healthcare provider, and that this will lead to you receiving any care or treatment required. We wish you all the very best for good health now and in the future.

Provider responded

Forced to travel to another hospital

April 27, 2019
Eastbourne DGH should be able to provide all forms of maternity care as it is a large enough hospital and supports a large enough population. It is ridiculous that we have been forced to go to Hastings (a 40 minute drive) for the births of 2(soon to be 3) of our children. The vastly reduced maternity services that are available are of very good quality but it is the lack of services that has forced me to right this review.
Stuart Jeffery

Gentle, Caring, Kind

January 5, 2019
My recent surgery urology department. Special thanks to the staff for the care they gave me - very lucky to have them in this department. They are everything the NHS is about - going the extra mile.

Ever smiling Vampires, A real joy

January 5, 2019
Had quite a few blood tests just lately, staff always put me at ease. Thank you.


January 5, 2019
Fantastic team. Thank you so much for all your kindess and professional approach. Please include physio team also.

Super care

January 19, 2018
I am a cancer patient and want to thank everybody in Pevensey Ward, my doctor and the staff in A&E for all their super care when I had an infection

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