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People’s Experiences of long COVID in Sussex: Qualitative engagement


This report sets out what we’ve heard about people’s experiences of long COVID and its impact on their lives, and includes case-studies illustrating the extent and nature of its effects on them.

It is the second of a two-part engagement exercise undertaken by Healthwatch in Sussex exploring the qualitative experiences of long COVID.

In March 2023, Healthwatch published its findings from the first-part, which were the results from a Sussex-wide public survey on people’s wider experiences of long COVID undertaken in late 2022.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
long COVID

People’s Experiences of long COVID in Sussex


Long COVID is a legacy of the COVID virus for many people in Sussex, impacting on their day-to-day lives, as well as their physical and mental wellbeing.

To raise awareness of long COVID and the services available to support residents, as well as people’s preferences for assistance, the three local Healthwatch undertook a public survey during August and September 2022.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex long COVID

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