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Your experiences of the Memory Assessment Service (MAS) in Sussex


In April 2024, the three local Healthwatch in Sussex sought experiences of the Memory Assessment Service (MAS).

The Memory Assessment Service undertakes assessments of memory problems (including diagnosis of dementia) via a thorough review of cognition and effects on functioning.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex

Your experiences of Hospital Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS) in Sussex


In March 2024, the three local Healthwatch in Sussex sought experiences of Hospital ‘Patient Advice and Liaison Services’.

PALS provides a point of contact for patients, their families and their carers. They offer confidential advice, support and information on health-related matters.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex

Your experiences of ‘Patients Know Best’


In February 2024, the three local Healthwatch in Sussex sought people’s experiences of ‘Patients Know Best’ through a short web-based poll.

Patients Know Best is designed to create a single secure Personal Health Record where health/social care providers bring together patient information in one place. Patients can then access correspondence, test results and other features.

By Healthwatch East Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex

How Healthwatch has contributed to health and care in Sussex


This report provides an overview of the themes that the three Healthwatch in Sussex (Brighton &Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex) heard between June and September 2023, and the responses received from our health and care partners. A document summarising our recent publications is also provided.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex

Improving the Outpatient experience: Patient feedback from deliberative engagement workshops


Healthwatch in Sussex (a collaboration between Healthwatch Brighton and Hove, Healthwatch East Sussex, and Healthwatch West Sussex) were commissioned by the Outpatient Transformation Team at NHS Sussex to run workshops in April/May 2023 with the purpose of gaining participant views on new initiatives aimed at improving the Outpatient experience.

Our report sets out what we heard, the key themes and messages from participants, and our recommendations.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex Outpatients

Patients in Sussex share their latest experiences of dentistry with Healthwatch


In January 2023, the three Sussex Healthwatch undertook a short poll to gather people’s recent experiences of accessing NHS dentistry.

60% of patients we heard from told Healthwatch they are not confident about their ability to access NHS dental services over the next 12 months

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Dentists Healthwatch in Sussex

People’s Experiences of long COVID in Sussex


Long COVID is a legacy of the COVID virus for many people in Sussex, impacting on their day-to-day lives, as well as their physical and mental wellbeing.

To raise awareness of long COVID and the services available to support residents, as well as people’s preferences for assistance, the three local Healthwatch undertook a public survey during August and September 2022.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex long COVID

Access to GP appointments across Sussex – public opinion


This Healthwatch in Sussex report assessed people’s views about accessing GP appointments.

A total of 851 people responded to an online survey. Some questions allowed us to see whether people’s views and experiences about remote GP appointments have changed two years since the pandemic began (by comparing some findings from a project undertaken in June 2020).

By Healthwatch in Sussex
GP Healthwatch in Sussex

Staff and Sussex Patients Views on Access to GP-Led Services


How was your experiencing of accessing GP led services during the pandemic?

We asked patients in Sussex this question. Read what you told us, what staff working in GP practices said, and NHS Sussex’s plans for improving access

By Healthwatch in Sussex
GP Healthwatch in Sussex

Staying Connected in the COVID-19 Pandemic: ‘2021 – One Year On’ Care Home Webinar Report


Healthwatch in Sussex publish the final report ending our series nine of webinars capturing relatives and family carers experiences visiting their loved ones in care homes during the pandemic.

‘Staying connected with relatives and loved ones in residential settings – One Year On’ hosted on the 9th November 2021 welcomed 42 attendees including health and care partners, regulators, providers and carers support organisations. Many of the family carers attended all nine webinars hosted throughout the year.

The webinars enabled family carers to:

  • share their views and experiences with providers and health and care professionals, as well as
  • receive timely updates on new guidance as it was implemented
  • Raise the profile of Essential Carer role – nationally and locally
  • Participate in Q & A sessions
  • Access support; and
  • So importantly, to have their voices heard

A video of the webinar is available to view here: 

You can read the final report which provides a summary of the discussion and actions via the link below.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Care Home Healthwatch in Sussex

Understanding patient and family/friend carer experience of rapid COVID-19 hospital discharge


Healthwatch in Sussex help improve the process of being discharged from hospital, and the support you receive at home.

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant patients are being discharged from hospital more rapidly. The Sussex NHS Commissioners’ Public Involvement team and Healthwatch in Sussex (East, West and Brighton & Hove) wanted to understand the patients (and family carers) experience of being discharged from hospital, and the impact of this on the patient’s future care at home.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex Hospital

Care Home Wellbeing project: Overarching report


A series of webinar events were organised between September 2020 and March 2021 on behalf of informal carers (families and friends) of care home residents. Their purpose was to:

  • Share unpaid carers’ views and experiences of visiting (or not visiting) their relative or friend in a care home during the pandemic.
  • Enable unpaid carers to ask questions and gain answers from health and social care representatives about current and future access to care home residents.
  • Have access to timely, accurate information around official and local visiting guidelines.
  • Raise any concerns about wider care home service improvement; and

Influence decisions made by health and care leaders during the pandemic

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Care Home Healthwatch in Sussex

‘Tell Us/Ask Us’: Experiences of Health and Care during Lockdown 2


By Healthwatch in Sussex
Engagement Healthwatch in Sussex

Healthwatch publishes people’s experiences of Patient Transport Services in Sussex


By Healthwatch in Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex Patient Transport
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Staying Connected Webinar Report


During the COVID-19 pandemic there have been considerable challenges across Sussex care homes, including how to keep families in touch with their relatives.

On the 10th November Healthwatch in Sussex1 hosted an online webinar for families and friends of care home residents. It explored the impact and potential solutions to the separation of care home residents and their loved ones in a pandemic.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Care Home Healthwatch in Sussex

Healthwatch in Sussex – Accessing Health and Care Services – Interview Report


The conversations outlined in this report were with a sample who completed the ‘Accessing health and care services: findings during the Coronavirus pandemic’ survey.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex

NHS Dental Services in Sussex


Update on dentist services in East Sussex and what’s being done to improve NHS dental services.

NHS dental services should have resumed from early June 2020.  As with so many other services, the need to keep people safe from the virus continues to mean there is less time available for dentists to talk to and treat patients under the NHS.

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex

Healthwatch in Sussex: Restoration and Recovery Programme


Interim headline findings from the Healthwatch in Sussex and Sussex NHS Commissioners’ Digital Engagement Survey 2020: Preferences towards the future of health and social care services in Sussex

By Healthwatch in Sussex
Healthwatch in Sussex

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